Meet My Bunny Rabbit…

Meet one of my new Clients—Sandra Brewster writes women’s fiction and has published three books. We will be releasing an Interview with Sandra soon.

Sandra Brewster

nikki and leo

A little bit about me.

Anybody who knows me, knows I love bunnies. Koalas are right up there as well. I went to a Koala sanctuary in Australia and cried tears of joy when I saw a tree full of koalas. But back to bunnies.

I have mugs, ornaments, garden statues, posters, more stuffies than a four-year-old – all bunnies.

Here is a photo of my bunny and her ‘husband,‘ Leo. Her name was Nikki and we had her for nine years. She had full run of the living room and dining room and completely ruled the house.

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FRAUDULENT use of our Business Email

It seems our business has been targeted by a person named KRISTA PATTERSON—if this is their real name. They are shown to live in the USA.  This person is using our email address to sign us up for a lot of websites which are genuine. We then, of course, we get them emailing us. We … Continue reading FRAUDULENT use of our Business Email

What Indie Authors Could Learn from the Instagram + Facebook Outage

The PBS Blog

Today, October 4, 2021 Facebook and Instagram went down in the US.

This is nothing new. Facebook and Instagram have had outages before. I have no doubt everyone will be back online soon.

That linked article said this happened this morning, but I was on Instagram and Facebook, and it was working fine, so the outage is relatively recent. (I noticed it afternoon-ish.)

The interesting thing about all of this is it wasn’t until I sent my fourth quarter email out to my list that I noticed these platforms were down. I got an alert from the news app on my phone just as soon as I pressed send.

“Oh. Okay.”

Short story: I wasn’t panicked.

This message is simple:

It would be best to have other ways of engaging with your readers outside of these two major platforms. Instagram and Facebook might be the most popular, but they are…

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