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WordPress Reblog Glitch?

Image shows a young woman on a fuzzy screen…the screen is glitching…

Photo by Darksouls1 from Pixabay

I’m not sure how many have noticed or become irritated due to the REBLOG button not working. Well thanks to Chris Graham mentioning something to him when I messaged him about having to continually follow his blog, it all sort of fell into place.

Then a client mentioned to me the tonight that she couldn’t reblog. Now this time it is a bit different because Patty uses a Screen Reader and I wasn’t sure if my idea would work… IT DID…YAY

If you wish to share via REBLOG and the REBLOG button is there, but not working…this is what you need to do.


Meanwhile, we all hope that WORDPRESS will sort this irritating glitch out.

3 – 2 – 1 Me Challenge


Are you up for a challenge. Well for once I am and I received this invitation from Patty Fletcher my very good friend and one I enjoy calling a sister.

Here is my piece for the challenge:
3.2.1 Me Challenge invite I received from blogger, author and marketeer Patty Fletcher who blogs at: https://www.campbellsworld.wordpress.com

Each time this blog is posted it is updated by the recieptant in conjunction with the TOPIC stated at the end by the last person. Who for me is of course Patty.

The rules of the challenge…

• Thank the selector
• Post 2 quotes for the dedicated topic of the day
• Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge’  And give them a topic/word

Number One – The Selector

Patty. What can I say…  You were a challenge when I first met you in the Awethors Group just over two years ago and for some reason I knew I could help because for some reason I understood you where others didn’t.  Well you challenged me and you grew and changed into the wonderful, loving and helpful person you are today. You have shown me how strong you are and how your determination pushes you forward each and every day. You have gained many new friend and today you run a Marketing Business which is growing in strength. YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN. All this time you have taught me many things and STRENGTH is one of them. Thank you for being you, Patty, sister of my heart. Huge hugs to King Campbell.

Number Two – Quotes


Time was invented by man who watched the sun and the moon to calulate and measure a day. Time never stops, never delays and flows TIMELESSLY…(sorry couldn’t help myself)  Time is also life. Your life, my life. We are surrounded by TIME. Remember the times (haha) you have stopped to listen, to see, to enjoy life which surrounds you… The dark times, the evil times, the happy times, LOVE and JOY... They are all surrounded by TIME which never waits.


Time has it’s own pace, you follow the rules as time rushes through you. One moment you’re a baby in the arms of a parent, then you’re a parent and grandparent. TIME is a never ending cycle which will continue for eons.

Number Three – Three Blogger.

Mara Reitsima, who can be found HERE
Timothey Bateson, who can be found HERE
Anita Kovacevic, who can be found HERE


Life Is Too Short


I have spent too much of my day discussing hate/hate mail with several bloggers.  And not only on my blog. In my email and on other blogs. What is wrong with people.  This past week there has been hatred hurled regarding my close friends, my wife, and me.  My friends have been bombarded with hate mail,

Other bloggers have confessed to me in privacy that they have experienced the same.  What the hell is wrong with people?  My first journey through WordPress was a completely different experience.

HATER GO BACK TO FACEBOOK WHERE YOU BELONG. Me, my friends, and family, we are all about Love.

Now a few thoughts on my favorite subject – love.


I love my family and every loving memory of my mother.

I LOVE AND RESPECT All  WOMEN because it is the way I choose to honor my long departed mother.  (I play, flirt, and clown around, BUT I RESPECT ALL WOMEN). And the flirting is gong to STOP. Well, depend on the lady.

I love the Idiots who seriously think I am trying to get into all of the ladies skirts.  Because if you really knew me, you would know there is nothing further from the truth.  (And while my penis is truly amazing, it can’t reach my female bloggers).

I love pizza, lasagna, popcorn, and my New York Yankees.

I love the followers who stopped following me when I post photos of my wife or my dearest blogging friend.

I love and miss the friends I lost. I wish them all well.

I even love the people who hate me.  Cause I understand your heart is filled with ignorance, jealousy, and pettiness.

I love that we are different because that makes you interesting. Makes me want to learn all about you and your world.

I love to see women in lingerie, stockings, & pantyhose. (It will always be my kryptonite). I love to paint toe nails.

I love music. Wouldn’t be able to blog or write without it.

I love poetry.

I love love (but you already know that).

I love life.

I pray for my dear friend Diane and my daughter’s mother.

I love and miss Leslie’s writing.

I love everything written by Nandita and Tosha. (Two amazing talented ladies). I have requested to read their grocery lists, but they just laugh at me.

To all my loyal followers

I love our conversations

I love your posts (sorry there is no heart button).

I love the way you accept my silly comments

I love you

If you want to hate me, knock yourself out.  Please, don’t hurl hate at anyone who follows or comments or jokes with me. They don’t deserve it.  I will gladly take all your hateful words and racial slurs, and smile.

(There is no room in my heart for hate. (No, I am not going anywhere. Just wanted to express my thoughts, feelings, and appreciation, and send the haters on their merry miserable way).


Happy Birthday to the Indie Publishing News

I can’t quite believe how fast the last two years have gone.  The Indie Publishing News was first published on 10th Feb 2016 as a by monthly magazine for Indie Authors. It was quite a hard sell at first, looking for people who would participate, doing interviews, new releases poetry etc. By May of the same year I opened the Indie Publishing News Group so I could gather all I needed to make a magazine. I made Post headings and invited those I knew into the group so we could all share and enjoy each others achievements. 

The group grew, the magazine changed appearance in October 2016 and we started Spotlight Authors. If memory serves me well J G Clay was my first Spotlight Author. He was great to interview and the cover was amazing, a great photo which Ceejay-designs created and continued to create right up until Ceejay became a Spotlight Graphic Artist/Book Cover Artist. This year, this young designer will only be doing the word placement as each magazine will be created by a different designer who we will interview and show some of their work.

By the end of the year I also had two cartoonists to draw cartoons of my Spotlight Authors…a good bit of humour which I know has been enjoyed by the authors involved. Adam Mitchell was with us for a short time before Mara Reitsma are great artists.

Today we have a group of over 500 members with 370 who have signed up to participate and share out the magazine each month.  Sadly I have no idea how many share or even open each magazine, what I do know is it goes out worldwide and we get more new members each month.  Looking into the statistics of the group the amount of participates in the group is 145 which isn’t even half of those who signed up. 

If we wish this magazine to continue to grow and share your work, we really need to up the amount of those who participate within the group.  We need more names for Interviews, New Releases, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Events, Educational, Informational…The last two can be emailed to me.

Comments and Reactions have also dropped.

The drop in Comments means less are participating and adding links.  The magazine has gone from 45 pages down to about 33. Even though that is still quite a large magazine it is also a considerable drop. If you can help build the magazine back up…please let me know. Send in your ideas…Give it a go and be proud to be INDIE

I would like to encourage bloggers to join the group and share some of their educational and informational articles, spread your news, share our magazine and grow our social media. I’m happy to do a short series on various writing, editing, book covers, marketing topics etc.

On the marketing side I’d like to thank Joe Compton from Go Indie Now for sponsoring this magazine last year. If you wish to sponsor the magazine by getting the same advert in each month then the cost is $60 USD

Part of the celebration is also opening the doors to Indie Music and sharing their links to videos, muisc and we are also hoping to share songs by these wonderful muscians. 

Happy 2nd Birthday to everyone involved in this wonderful magazine!

Wanted – Bloggers and Reader Reviewers

First of all I would like to thank everyone who follows Plaisted Publishing House. It is wonderful to see you all reading my posts and leaving messages.  Now we get to what iweneed…Let’s see if you can help.

We are setting up a list for Bloggers who will promote Indie Authors via Blog Tours and Interviews.  If you accept the challenge we would need an email address and you would receive a Media Kit to use to post on your blog. This will help you get your name out there and I would share all links sent back to me. Also please state genre’s you’d be interested in.

I would also like  Reader Reviewers for ebooks. Emails are once again needed…either a kindle email or normal for a PDF version of the relevant book.  All we ask in exchange is for a review of the book.  These reviews would appear in ‘The Indie Publishing News,’ in the Reader Reviews section along with being on my blog and added to media kits if or when they are available. Please state your genre preference. Reviews would be great if posted on Goodreads and Amazon – if they will let you.

There are no payments involved. This is all voluntary and a way to let people know what you think of Indie Authors, Graphic Designers (Book Covers) etc. This is about helping each other and furthering your reach on social media.


If you are interested please email me – plaistedpublishinghouse@gmail.com

Submissions for our Magazine

Hello and welcome.  As you may have noticed we have a magazine called Indie Publishing News.  This is a FREE Magazine for Indie Authors and small businesses who support them – Cover Designers, Editors etc.

It has been decided to open up this popular magzine to various submissions.  At this time you can submit an article for:

Short Stories – 500 words only

Blogs with interesting articles or advice for Authors.

We are open to ideas, to make this magazine the best it can be. You can contact us at plaistedpublishinghouse@gmail.com

Submission Criteria:

You need to join the Indie Publishing News Group on Facebook and Sign up for the magazine if you are an Author or Small Business. To get approved you need to sign up HERE 

You are asked to share the magazine on social media and in emails. This is to grow everyones fan base.  If you have readers interested we have a sign up for them HERE

We are also offering businesses several Advertising spaces which will be either by-monthly or monthly.  Costings will be advised for those interested.