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Welcome to 2022

Photos of Waikawa Bay, Picton. Palm Tree on the left looking out to the Sounds.
Picton, New Zealand looking out over Waikawa Bay

Hurray, 2022 is here, well in New Zealand and a few other countries… Looking forward to you all joining us and celebrating a brand new year where positivity will move us all forward in leaps and bounds. At least I hope so.

Lots to do and a business plan for this year to sort out before work commences on the 6th Jan 2022. We have five books to work on over the next couple of months with another touching down in April. It is going to be great fun working with these clients, they are awesome writers and people.


Part of the plant this year is to take Monday’s off and do a course on Marketing. Though I have some marketing skills, I need to up my skills to move this business forward to the next stage. As many of you not, our business says Publishing House in the title. At this stage we don’t actually publish any client’s work, we only prepare work for distribution. I work as an Author Consultant and Formatter. This is due to the fact, USA business tax is complicated (to say the least) With saying this, we will eventually look into publishing in New Zealand, though the costs are much higher than KDP, Smashwords etc. This is because printers in New Zealand don’t understand the POD (Print on Demand) system or don’t use the system the same way as overseas. They have a single price for one book, it is set out… the more you buy the cheaper the books are. This means it can cost thousands to print books and is sadly out of many writers pockets, which is why we use places like KDP.

Sadly KDP can be tricky and terminate accounts and not pay-out royalties whenever they so choose. Considering those of us living outside an Amazon area/country, we only get paid after we’ve earned $100 USD, POUNDS, EURO etc. With this warning, please be careful out there and read all the policies of the places your distribute your work through.

As well as up-skilling my marketing, I am also updating my graphic art skills, mainly on GIMP, learning to do layers etc. I had a blast about ten days ago with a new client and their book cover. Slightly frustrating, though enhancing my skill.

New Clients

I have several new clients coming up this year, though will blog about them at a later date, when they are ready for publishing. An interview is a great way to introduce you all to new writers. Along with this I am hoping to have an Instagram day, where I will post about books once a week… first though, I need to learn how to use Instagram a bit better than I do. I’m not good with a phone and wish we could post via computer. I’ve heard some can, so will see what happens this year. We also need to finish updating this website and adding the links we are missing. If you see a broken link, please let me know.

Lots of learning. Weekends will be for family. We will have set hours, though we will also always answer Fb messages when we see them due to the time differences around the world.


If you have books on Kindle Unlimited and they are in a genre we read, then please let us know and we will read and review. Reviews will be fair and only done if we can give 4 or 5 stars. Anything less and we will message you… the author, instead and let you know what issues we’ve found, be it formatting, or editing, etc.

Covid 19 – 3 months on

This is the link for my post when New Zealand went into level Four Lockdown. The world has a count of over 11k dead.  Let’s look at what it says today!

I use Covid Map Google… For the information. Be them right or wrong, it shows how many people WORLDWIDE have died alone. Many more will die.

CASES – 9.62 million cases

RECOVERED – 4.58 million

DEATHS – 490k deaths…

Think about it. 490,000 people have died worldwide alone in THREE MONTHS without family, friends…no one to say goodbye. Families have had to grieve without saying goodbye to husbands, wives, children. Mass graves have been dug to bury people…  This is 479,000 more than the day New Zealand locked down. 

New Zealand has 5 million people, nearly half the amount of total cases and still, people are dying alone. We lost 22 people. We had 24 days Covid FREE and now have 13 new cases as Kiwi’s return home. All are in quarantine. We are still at Level One and we all pray it will stay this way.

Forever Mine – Cy & Rylan Book Cover Reveal.

Finally… It’s arrived. My book cover for Cy & Rylan’s story of true love. A Wolf Shifter Romance with murder and mystery surrounding two lovers as they learn about each other. Looking at their differences, how to live together, how to grieve together. A unit and family. You can PRE-ORDER HERE

Publishing 30th June 2020


Cy is an Alpha wolf-shifter, heir to his father’s pack. Cy is also gay, something his father won’t accept. In fact, he’s already lined up a female mate for him. A woman Cy hates.

Cy found his true mate ten years prior. He waited and watched, praying for salvation.

Rylan Jessop is from the other sides of the tracks. Not good enough for the elite of the pack. A university graduate due to a scholarship, Rylan returns home and accepts a date with Cy. They mate. At first, Rylan is horrified, he wanted other things from life.

Mated, he finds himself loving Cy and taking a stand against Cy’s father who is furious. Cy takes the lead and their adventure begins as they travel across America to Canada, learning to love and getting to know each other.

Will they get their ‘Happy Ever After’?

This is the first novella in a series called ‘Forever Mine’. Mature content due to a new relationship. LGBT Erotic.








You want to know who I am? Well, let’s see!

I’m British born and bred, although I have lived most of my life in New Zealand. Sweet as? (Kiwi Saying) I love New Zealand, the best little country in the world today, though I’m sure others will have different opinions.

First and foremost, I am a wife and mother of four children, though we lost our youngest 17 years ago. My husband and I have been married for 28 years this year. Our two eldest daughters are in the UK having their OE (Overseas Experience as they call them in Kiwiland). My son is about to start university to study architecture.

This will be the first time my husband and I will have true freedom to do as we wish, when we wish, without the phrase “Get a room” from the kids with our reply of “Don’t need one. Got a house.” And that was just about kissing…lol. Kids these days!

I am a Family History Researcher and have been for the past twenty years. I fell into writing in 2012 and became a multi-genre author because the muses…yeah more than one…wouldn’t shut the up. I have published over thirty books and have over a hundred drafts on my computer. My main genres are Children’s Adventure Stories, Young Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, New Adult Murder Mystery Romance under my own name. Under my pen name of Beth Bayley, I write Contemporary Billionaire Romance (reverse aka the woman is the billionaire) as well as a set of Mythical Welsh stories. I also have one wayward muse who I call Chloe King, who is an Erotic Author. Pain in the…and a nympho. Meanwhile, I’ll stay prudish, thanks.

In 2014 I established up my own Publishing Company called Plaisted Publishing House Ltd, which now runs Author Services for Formatting, Editing and Book Covers. We’ve helped over forty clients in various different ways. We also do Family History Books and Ghostly Anthologies.

You can contact me at:




http://www.authorchloeking.wordpress.com  ADULTS ONLY







From Nightmare to Peace – I’m Back


Plaisted Publishing House has been quiet for far too long! Nearly 18 months of nothing. Now is the time to explain and hopefully you will understand and to some…forgive me for being missing in action.

It all started in September 2017. My girls and I were going to the UK, them to visit grandparents and me to check in on my parents. It was meant to be long term…Settle there for a few years and travel…once my husband joined me. Sadly it was anything but good. Our reception was negative and got worse. It only evened out once my husband and son arrived. He wouldn’t take any bull, and everyone started to behave a bit better.

Sadly due to immigration and wrong information etc my husband ended up back in New Zealand along with our son who wanted to attend University.  You could call my husband and I joined at the hip…always holding hands, very much in love. Without him…yeah…things went downhill fast.

By this time I was working as a Live in Carer, working down south. I loved it most of the time, my clients had a mixture of issues. My favourite was living by the beach with a lady and the neighbour’s cat.

Things sadly continued to go wrong. I was in full stress mode, had mental health issues and technically fell apart. So you can see, life wasn’t overly good which is why my company wasn’t doing much work. I worked through Christmas and New Year without seeing my daughters then went to France to try and get myself sorted. Which to a degree I did. I ended up resigning and booking my ticket home to New Zealand.
     It had been 5 months since I’d seen my husband and son. I hated being a split family. In fact, I still do, though I know my girls are ok in the UK at present and they can return anytime they are ready.

The stress …or most of it …fell away once I landed in Auckland. I WAS HOME. MY HEART IS HERE. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE.

Anyway, I am back. I am SHARING and RE-FOLLOWING other sites.

Smacked in the Face…Again

I know this one is personal this time and not something I would usually put on a business blog. Why did I…Generally because there are many families out there who go through the things we have in the last 12 months. It hasn’t been good or nice. It is upsetting, stressful and though we have to work through this…yet again…we will learn as well go.  Life is full of learning curves. I just wish they were NICER.

What Happened.

As many of you probably know we relocated to England so we could spend time with my elderly parents. My dad has Dementia. Also it is their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. The idea was to stay for up to five years and assist my parents, let the grandchildren get to know them better and my husband have time with them. We hadn’t seen them since my son was three and he is now coming up nineteen

All but my husband is British. He is a Kiwi, part of the Commonwealth, ruled by the same Queen with similar laws. He came to the UK with our son in November 2017, entering on a visitors visa and applied for a Remain to Stay (ILR). Fingers crossed. Yesterday he received the later. HE HAS BEEN DENIED.  HE HAS TO GO HOME, SPLITTING UP OUR FAMILY.  Ok so our family are now all adults, however we are extremely close family unit. We won’t be able to stay together. He has to go home to to another country. However we can APPEAL, though is it worth it? Probably not.

If he goes, he’ll probably go alone. We don’t have the airfare for the whole family, in fact I don’t have a current passport either and there is no use getting one until I can afford to return to NZ.  We can apply for a spousal visa, of course this costs more money and can take months to be approved or denied. They need six payslips from me to say I can support him. Once again…life hits…I get paid monthly so this means we can’t even apply until next year.

My husband is a good man, upstanding citizen of NZ, worked hard all his life to provide for his family. He helps my mother with my dad, giving her time out. He will miss their Diamond Wedding Anniversary unless we appeal. He is also still waiting for them to return his passport and partial refund. 

For the first time in our lives we will be seperated by the actions of the British Government – we’ve been married for 26 years and the longest we’ve been apart is five months – when I last visited my parents.

I have heard of many who go through this and others who won’t even try due to the restrictions. I look forward to returning to New Zealand next year, unless we try for the spousal visa. Being without my husband for the next six months will be difficult, though I thank God we have the internet.

Thanks for listening and good luck to those stuck in the same or similar situation. I feel for you.