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Help Bring Bonnie Home

I’m Ceejay, and I’ve been in the UK for almost four years now. While it has been an amazing experience, and I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people, I would really like to return home to New Zealand.

The main hurdle is that in late 2019 I adopted a kitten named Bonnie, and I want to take her home with me. She has just turned two this May and I love her dearly. Despite what everyone tries to convince me, I really don’t want to leave her behind, especially as she has already been abandoned once.

Bonnie has helped immensely with my mental health, among other things. When I adopted her, I swore I would be her “furever” home, and I have no intentions of going back on that promise.

I have always intended to return to New Zealand, and I knew that when I did so, any cat I had would come with me. Unfortunately, I have been having issues saving money to get her back to New Zealand, in addition to all of the other expenses I have had to cover due to the pandemic.

We plan to leave in late October or early November, and I’m incredibly worried that I won’t be able to take her with me. I would be absolutely heartbroken if she had to remain behind, even temporarily. I have another four months to gather enough money to pay the pet travel company to import her to New Zealand, as the service needs to be paid eight weeks (two months) before she is meant to leave.

I would be incredibly grateful if you could donate even a little bit to help me and my beloved Bonnie get to New Zealand in time for Christmas this year, as I really miss my family.


Love, hugs and purrs

Ceejay and Bonnie


Donate here to help Ceejay and Bonnie: https://gf.me/u/zt3gv3 



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From Nightmare to Peace – I’m Back


Plaisted Publishing House has been quiet for far too long! Nearly 18 months of nothing. Now is the time to explain and hopefully you will understand and to some…forgive me for being missing in action.

It all started in September 2017. My girls and I were going to the UK, them to visit grandparents and me to check in on my parents. It was meant to be long term…Settle there for a few years and travel…once my husband joined me. Sadly it was anything but good. Our reception was negative and got worse. It only evened out once my husband and son arrived. He wouldn’t take any bull, and everyone started to behave a bit better.

Sadly due to immigration and wrong information etc my husband ended up back in New Zealand along with our son who wanted to attend University.  You could call my husband and I joined at the hip…always holding hands, very much in love. Without him…yeah…things went downhill fast.

By this time I was working as a Live in Carer, working down south. I loved it most of the time, my clients had a mixture of issues. My favourite was living by the beach with a lady and the neighbour’s cat.

Things sadly continued to go wrong. I was in full stress mode, had mental health issues and technically fell apart. So you can see, life wasn’t overly good which is why my company wasn’t doing much work. I worked through Christmas and New Year without seeing my daughters then went to France to try and get myself sorted. Which to a degree I did. I ended up resigning and booking my ticket home to New Zealand.
     It had been 5 months since I’d seen my husband and son. I hated being a split family. In fact, I still do, though I know my girls are ok in the UK at present and they can return anytime they are ready.

The stress …or most of it …fell away once I landed in Auckland. I WAS HOME. MY HEART IS HERE. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE.

Anyway, I am back. I am SHARING and RE-FOLLOWING other sites.