Crazy Priced USED books on Amazon – by Derek Haines

Always informative and interesting. Great posts with relevance for all Authors.     Why Are They Selling Used Books On Amazon At Crazy Prices? Have you checked your Mass Market book price on Amazon? If you haven’t, perhaps you should, because you might be in for a surprise. There are some crazy book prices … Continue reading Crazy Priced USED books on Amazon – by Derek Haines

Indie Publishing News Feb 2018

Please note this is last months magazine. Your next FREE Marketing Magazine will be out soon.  Thank you for the support. Please SHARE CONTENTS Poem by Audrina Lane, From the Editors Desk, Flash Fiction - Seriously 21st Century by Jane Risdon, Spotlight Graphic Designer – Melissa Ringuette – Monark Designs, Indie Author Reviews, Flash Fiction – … Continue reading Indie Publishing News Feb 2018