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KDP & Permafree

pay-706798_1920When you wish to have an ebook FREE forever on Amazon you have to ask and show proof that your ebook is already FREE with other distributers.  Well if you are publishing through KDP then use the APPLE links (worldwide) when you contact them.  Of course they will never guarentee they will make it FREE…after all they love to rock the boat and make your life as difficult as possible.

Now what happens if you wish to have Permafree but you publish with another distributer?  Good question and one they keep changing their minds on.  As you may have noticed in the past Pronoun used to distribute to Amazon and you could have the book up for FREE from the word go.  Bloody brilliant…except Pronoun have closed down.  Just when you thought it was all over Draft to Digital started to distribute to Amazon…Sadly it was for miminum price.  Their deal for some reason won’t do FREE like they did with Pronoun.  As yet I have no idea why.

Now in October Plaisted Publishing House released it’s sevenths Anthology called Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017.  WE distributed via Draft to Digital, thinking it would be easy to sort out.  It took several emails to get them to do Permafree.  YAY I thought…until we released our next Anthology ‘A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales.’

Nope they won’t make it free because they are not the publisher even though they did the Ghostly Writes one.  I protested and they won’t budge coz we used Draft to Digital. Even when I told them about the deal they made with Draft to Digital won’t let ebooks be free from the word go…still sorry no go. They told me to ask Draft to Digital to contact Amazon to ask for Perma FREE.  Fine more hoops to jump through now I wonder if D2D will assist. 

I have emailed Draft to Digital and hope they can help.  I just wish KDP would simplify things for themselves and their clients.  They have certainly put me off publishing via them. Meanwhile, a book which should be free…isn’t..well only if you buy off Amazon.  All the other distributers including Apple where you can download all our Anthologies for FREE.