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3 – 2 – 1 Me Challenge



Are you up for a challenge. Well for once I am and I received this invitation from Patty Fletcher my very good friend and one I enjoy calling a sister.

Here is my piece for the challenge:
3.2.1 Me Challenge invite I received from blogger, author and marketeer Patty Fletcher who blogs at: https://www.campbellsworld.wordpress.com

Each time this blog is posted it is updated by the recieptant in conjunction with the TOPIC stated at the end by the last person. Who for me is of course Patty.

The rules of the challenge…

• Thank the selector
• Post 2 quotes for the dedicated topic of the day
• Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge’  And give them a topic/word

Number One – The Selector

Patty. What can I say…  You were a challenge when I first met you in the Awethors Group just over two years ago and for some reason I knew I could help because for some reason I understood you where others didn’t.  Well you challenged me and you grew and changed into the wonderful, loving and helpful person you are today. You have shown me how strong you are and how your determination pushes you forward each and every day. You have gained many new friend and today you run a Marketing Business which is growing in strength. YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN. All this time you have taught me many things and STRENGTH is one of them. Thank you for being you, Patty, sister of my heart. Huge hugs to King Campbell.

Number Two – Quotes


Time was invented by man who watched the sun and the moon to calulate and measure a day. Time never stops, never delays and flows TIMELESSLY…(sorry couldn’t help myself)  Time is also life. Your life, my life. We are surrounded by TIME. Remember the times (haha) you have stopped to listen, to see, to enjoy life which surrounds you… The dark times, the evil times, the happy times, LOVE and JOY... They are all surrounded by TIME which never waits.


Time has it’s own pace, you follow the rules as time rushes through you. One moment you’re a baby in the arms of a parent, then you’re a parent and grandparent. TIME is a never ending cycle which will continue for eons.

Number Three – Three Blogger.

Mara Reitsima, who can be found HERE
Timothey Bateson, who can be found HERE
Anita Kovacevic, who can be found HERE




We need more votes for two of our Anthologies – Childrens Anthology & Ghostly Writes 2017, both which are available FREE as ebooks, and I’ve apparently been nominated for Best Formatter.  

If you know me and all the work we do for and with others, many times free – like the Indie Publishing News and the Three Anthologies I do each year, then you will see my formatting.

Here are the links.  Thank you to anyone who votes. 

Favourite Children’s Anthology

Ghostly Writes 2017

Best Formatter

Thank you to anyone who can and does vote for us. This means a lot 🙂


Celebrating Three Years in Business

What an amazing journey it has been so far.  Three years of learning the ropes – and there is so much more to do to extend our skills and prove we are an awesome small publishing company.

We do things differently here at Plaisted Publishing House Ltd., We don’t take your copyright off you, nor do we work via royalties. In fact the most important thing is the CLIENT. You are in total control of your book at all times.  You have to approve the work we do in a final document prior to paying us a one-off fee.  This means if you become a rich and famous author – we don’t make any more money off you. It’s all yours with our best wishes.

This all may change in the future as our knowledge base, strength and business grows. There again it may not. Nobody can really see what the future holds.

At present we have had a total of thirty individual authors through our books. Plus those who have joined our Anthologies.  This would give us a list of over 100 authors, if we added them all together.  

I would like to thank each and every Indie Author I have worked with. You have all been and are, amazing to work with – even with a few minor hiccups which all businesses have. We have pulled through, helped more and put our skills on the line to show you our professionalism. 

Due to this incredible journey we have helped hundreds of Indie Authors, many aren’t even clients.  These authors have been assisted via our FREE Marketing MagazineIndie Publishing News & The Journal of Sins & Secrets (R18), AnthologiesGhostly Writes & Childrens Fairy Tale Anthology. Last but not least our Sponsorship Program which was for Fantasy Authors this year. We will be announcing the Winner on the Tenth of August.

Since we are doing so well, I’ll be introducing you to our four new contractors who assist us helping Indie Authors get the best.  So watch out for Mike Elliott, Claudia Plaisted, Mara Reitsma & Joanne Ruth.