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Missing in Action – Mental Health

As many of you know I was in England for 18 months. You may also know it was not a nice time except in small amounts. I struggled a lot, my mental health hit rock bottom several times and it wasn’t nice. One day I will write the story of my time in England.

One of the things I missed the most during my unwanted downtime, was posting blogs for my business, chatting to my clients and friends and sharing all your posts…especially those I thought would be interesting to others.

I finally came back to New Zealand and it has taken me a month to sort myself out – my mental health – and start anew with sharing posts. I must admit I was a bit disappointed. I’m not sure if it was with WordPress or if individual websites unfollowed my site. The reason I know is that I found myself re-following many sites I was still getting emails from. This caused issues with reblogging various posts, meaning it tool longer.

Ok, I do understand in some ways why my website was unfollowed…lack of content and new blogs, lack of shares.  However, I don’t recall anyone trying to find out what happened to me or my website. Perhaps I am overreacting…I blame my mental health issues.

Please note though. I will always follow you, even if you’re quiet. In fact, I way well send you a message to find out how you are and if you’re ok. You are all important to me and my company. Without you…I can’t move forward. I can’t promote and I can’t share.

Please think before you unfollow someone. You could save a life.