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Sensitivity Readers!! REALLY

What is this world coming to.  I mean really?  Why can’t authors write fiction and say it like it is and do their own research.  Surely most adults can tell from a synopsis if a book would be to their liking or not.  I know I certainly put down books if they are not for me.

I agree with these trigger warnings in books, due to how the world is today.  I also agree with the erotic colour index, so you can make sure the book isn’t beyond what they wish to read. PTSD is an issue which many of us suffer and deal with differently. Please be careful about what you chose to read!

However complaining about the colour of a person’s skin in a fantasy novel is-in my opinion daft.  I’ll make mine green and purple, white or black be they human, alien or a bit of both. The way things are carrying on are gettign daft with all this PC crap. I mean it’s fantasy…fiction…MAKE BELIEVE…Where colour should have no meaning and should not be detrimental to the story.  The same as someones sexuality.  Get over it folks or put the bloody book down. You are ALL human. We are ALL different, yet ALL the same.  Our DNA comes from Africa. (This research is from Family History Reasearch as a whole)

Oh and guess what! THE WORLD IS FLAT!

As an author, I do my research or ask for assistance from those who know-who live or researched the area I need. Even fiction has to be accurate to a degree, though you have licence to change things to what works for your story.  I don’t want a sensitivity reader to ruin my story just because someone out there might not like the way I said something or wrote something.  It’s my story. You don’t like it then don’t bloody well read it.

Yeah you can tell this irritated me a lot.  I swore and it’s not something I do, except in my writing. All I see now is the horrified faces of women been published in the early 1800’s, others been outraged by their actual writing.  I honestly thought we’d moved past this. sadly it seems we are stepping back in time. 

Remember your history, your heritage and your culture.  However first and foremost – YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING. – Well I hope you are….LOL