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First it was Co-Promote who disappeared without notice, and from what I have seen and read – with out paying back to those who had membership and not contacting anyone who used their system which was excellent.  There is still a post up saying they are having internet glitches and will be back soon.   Months later and nothing.

Now it is Headtalker who has been sold or join Newswire.  I’m sure it was an excellent decision for the company. We all thought Headtalker would be back and still have FREE Campaigns as well.  Sadly NOT.

Newswire – who I have been in email contact, asking when Headtalker campaigns type thing would be back…WON’T BE BACK… All campaigns will be done by Newswire and they won’t be FREE.  They will be charging Influencer FEES…I am sure there are many who will be able to afford those fees, though I don’t know what they are.  They will do a budget…Though they didn’t tell me what that budget was either.  It doesn’t bode well for those Indie Authors on budgets at all.

This is what is on Newswire website under pricing.  I have no idea if this is it or if they will be offering more budget packets.  There lowest for Single was $99 (Note the three options above Pro/Small Bus & Enterprise).


Lets hope Thunderclap stays up and running.  Or will they be the third one to be hit.