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A Presentation or Three

A Presentation or Three

Speech time Jun 2015Presentations – I’ve one presentation about my Business in Publishing, one about Women in Publishing and a third is a talk with a group with a client about her book.  Talk about different dynamics.  Now I have to decide what I want and need to present to these people, how to show them and share my experiences and goals.

This is an amazing opportunity for both myself and my company.  Getting the message on self publishing out there is a monumental task. Lucky me, likes to assist others to achieve their dreams.

Yes, there is a lot of helpful businesses and blogs out there.  Most are money making businesses. – some who rip Indie Authors off, others who work there butt off to assist unknown writers make the most of their talent.  I’d like to think I’m helping others to succeed in their lives.  I was bought up to help others.  Sadly it’s sometimes to my detriment and I really do need to get tougher with what I do.  I doubt I ever will though.  Helping others is in my genes.

All my presentations are in the USA. One at a Book Convention, one with Project Starfish America and the last with a Client.  All will be via phone and or video.  Of course I’m also a shy person – not that anyone believes me – I’m not yet overly good at presentations, with nerves and the excitement mixing together.  Of course, like anything else I’ve learnt, I will grow and become more confident as I gain experience.  One thing I have learnt about myself is if I’m comfortable and talking about something I love, then I’ll be fine.  Sometimes it’s hard to get me to be quiet.  Confidence boosts are always welcome.

I need to work out what I wish to say.  I can’t exactly use a slide show, though I’ll make one for future presentations. I’ll need answers to basic questions I may be asked. With a  bit of luck, some of those questions will be on their way to me over the next few days.  Meanwhile, I’m putting my next newsletter together, bugging people for submissions as well as writing and doing my homework.  When will I get time to do a slide show?  I’m not sure, though as creative as I am, I know I’ll be working on it soon.

Does anyone have advice on Presentations.  Yes, I’ve learnt a few tricks over the years, sadly it doesn’t always work, especially presenting to people I don’t know.  So glad this is over the internet and not in front of an audience.

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