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Authors who Bully…Breaking your Trust

Authors who Bully…Breaking your Trust

puzzle-2515123_1920Yes it happened.  No real fault of my own.  I like to help. I don’t like been taken advantage of, I don’t like been bullied by overly arrogant people.  However we meet them as we go through our lives.  On a personal level I’ve tried to be proactive and positive.  Of course, there is nearly always a stumbling block put in your way.  A negative if you wish.

Many of you know I do FREE work or SWAP work with others.  I run a non-profit business right now, while I build up my reputation and skills.  This is an advantage for both my clients and myself.  Most of us have a blast working together.  Then you get the odd one who turns into a bully and this is where my world and possible business may very well fall apart.

There are always people we wish we’d never met, though God in his wise ways knows we need them to push through to a better space.  So be it.  I’ve done all I can to sort this mess out.  FREE for FREE doesn’t always work nor does SWAPPING work for something you can’t do or aren’t good at.  So take care in who you trust.  I would hate to see any of you get bitten on the butt because of poor judgement or even overly trusting a person who is going to end up bullying you.  I dislike arrogance, and conversations which don’t go into depth of what the true issue is.  Also make sure you keep all emails and track all invoices and payments (if there were any). Of course with FREE and SWAP work this shouldn’t happen.  Until the bully imagines it…

This to me was as bad as those SCAM Publishers except this time I was the one being SCAMMED by an author. It hurt, especially when you think it is someone you can trust.

The issue – as far as I’m aware had been sorted, until it raises its ugly head again, except I will go to small claims court if it does. I refuse to put up with bullies so don’t try it. I’m certainly not as trusting anymore.  Most of my clients have been amazing to work with, we’ve had fun, learning curves, and great communication. I’m pleased with how my business my business is growing though I really need an Income. As for the FREE stuff!  They are my Anthologies and my Indie Publishing News Magazine which is a FREE Marketing Magazine for Indie Authors and those who support them.  The SWAPs of work…have ended. I won’t be doing anymore.

In the future I will be putting each magazine issue on this blog for everyone to read. If you email me I can add you to the email list and then you’ll get a copy automatically.  If you wish to get off the email list you’ll need to email me due to not yet having a Unsubscribe button…I’m still working on this issue.

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  1. Been there:(. I hope it’s fixable. So sorry.

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  3. Lizzi Newton says:

    I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. You certainly don’t deserve that kind of treatment. (No one does really.) You truly are one of the kindest and most generous authors I know. It’s dreadful to find someone you trust turns out to be less than honest. I hope you can put it in the past and continue to be the sweet, giving lady I admire.

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