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Book Reviews with Amazon…Yeah Right!

Book Reviews with Amazon…Yeah Right!

Why oh why is Amazon making it even harder to put up reviews for authors.  First they curtail your reviews because you supposedly know the author or you publish the author or help them publish.  Now Amazon is telling you to spend over $50 to actually put a review in place. That would be a years worth of books to me.


WHAT….  Yep you head me right. It seems they don’t want Indie Authors to be reviewed. If this really is the case then why are we all still selling through them?  Why aren’t we using Lulu or Ingram Spark. Why aren’t we using Draft to Digital or Smashwords…they both do Mobi aka Kindle files. I’ve not seen or heard of Barnes & Noble or Kobo refusing your reviews so why is Amazon? What is their problem?

I have heard about biased reviews – nope I won’t give one to anyone let along an author I would call a friend.  In fact I’m more inclined to be harsher on them than someone I don’t know. I’ve heard about paid reviews and farmed reviews. I wouldn’t use either. So coming down on people who are in the same social media group, chat on the odd occasion doesn’t mean they are great friends, after all social media is all about making connections. I mean you chat with your fans don’t you?



To contribute to Customer features (for example, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers, Idea Lists) or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on Amazon.com using a valid credit or debit card in the past 12 months. Promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $50 minimum. In addition, to contribute to Spark you must also have a paid Prime subscription (free Prime trials do not qualify). You do not need to meet this requirement to read content posted by other contributors or post Customer Questions, or create or modify Profile pages, Shopping Lists, Wish Lists or Registries.

Maybe it is time we all left reviews about Amazon
and how bad they are getting!



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  1. This happen to one of my books . She bought the book on amazon and wrote a review and that’s what they sent her .

  2. What is wrong with them??? Surely they are defeating themselves as well. They are not the only game in town. Just the biggest.

    • They aren’t the biggest online bookstore…Just the biggest online store. Biggest bookstore is Lulu and yeah you can leave reviews there too 🙂 I have no idea why they keep putting nails in their coffin…Perhaps they aren’t interested in selling books anymore.

  3. Oh dear.

    So, only Amazon shoppers can leave reviews there. :-/

    I do all my Christmas shopping on amazon, so that helps me. But, I know a lot of people can’t.

    • Yep. Some people only buy books…which are nto overly expensive…so this means they can’t review something they bought. Personally I think this is wrong. If you bought something you should be allowed to review it if you wish. I’ve had several reviews to other authors pulled because i either helped them publish or we’re considered friends even though we’ve never met. It is time to move on. I’ll review elsewhere. Glad you can still review Morgan 🙂

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