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Building your Kindle Account

Building your Kindle Account

Creating your Kindle Direct Account is one of the first things an Indie Author should look into doing.  Most authors today start with eBooks before they go to the print version.  I can’t say I blame them.  It’s cheaper for a start.  

Don’t forget Kindle, though the main eBook company are not the only ones.  You will want to keep all your readers and fans happy by also having an account with Smashwords or Draft to Digital who send out your eBooks to places like Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble (Nook) Inkstra, Tolino…etc.

Back to Kindle you need to go to sign up for an account unless you already have an Amazon account.  If you have an Amazon account you can sign in to KDP with the same details.

How to Open your Account

This is a help link to take you through the process.  Don’t forget you will need your Tax Number/ Social Security Number.  If you are outside of the USA, check to see if you country has a TAX deal with the USA.  This will lower the amount you have to pay.  In New Zealand it is 5%.  Below is a slideshow of screen shots so you’ll know what you will find on the page highlighted above.  You can also do an electronic signature, so printing off and posting is not required.  It also makes things a lot quicker.

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Next you need to learn to upload your ebook.  It has to be formatted with a Table of Contents (TOC) which is hyperlinked to each Chapter.  All TOC need to be at the front of your eBook!!  If they are at the back, Amazon will take them down until you have edited this detail.

Once your manuscript is formatted and the book cover has been made and sized with the correct dpi then you can begin to upload your manuscript.  Below is another slideshow which you can follow and learn your way to publishing.  If you are not computer savvy and easily frustrated then you will need someone like Plaisted Publishing House Ltd to help you either learn or do the work for you.

This is page one of what you should see for your new book

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Page Two of your KDP upload – PRICING

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Once you have hit publish tab, it will tell you it takes 24 – 48 hours to get the book live on Amazon and all their stores worldwide.

You can now go back to your bookshelf or read the extra data on the following page  – Options.  If you wish to know what you ahve sold, click on the REPORTS tab at the top of the kindle page, scroll down and it will show you.

Good luck and I hope this helps you in your journey to becoming a published author..

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