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Make the most of using Xero accounting software. Simpliv shows you how.

Xero is the best software I have ever used for accounting. It has saved me a lot of money as well.


How many times do we fail in life? How many times do we sulk or cry over it as if we’d spilt the milk on the floor. I have had plenty of fails. I remember two exams I failed at school/college. One was my error the other belongs to the college – twice, because they…
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Use Parallelism To Enhance Your Writing

Another informative blog from Writing Your First Novel 🙂

A simple guide to planning a novel – Part 1

Some great points. One question though. Why do you plan if you hate it so much?

Why Visitors Check Your Home Page But Then Ignore Your Blog

Some great points. I’m still updating me…Always a work in progress.

Mark my words: teaching, writing, learning

Mark my words: Teaching, Writing, Learning.

How Authors Can Capture One’s Attention

How authors capture ones attention