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Celebrating Success – The New Superstars!

Celebrating Success – The New Superstars!

Last Wednesday my son received his Scholar’s Blazer at High School.  This is due to all his hard work and passing his exams with top marks in 2015.  Will he be an Honour Student next year.  A School Leader or even a Business Leader.  Only time will tell what his future holds.  Meanwhile, his is making his family proud.

Now you ask, what has this got to do with Indie Authors and Indie Businesses?

Let me explain a little something.  I saw what everyone calls a meme on Facebook the other day and it hit me hard.  It showed me how people think – or in some cases don’t think at all.   The majority of humans are followers aka sheep.  There are very few leaders and even then some of the leaders…Well seeing all the posts on the American Presidential Elections says a lot about the lack of Leadership around the world today.

So what can we do? How do we go about getting the media and social media take notice like they do with celebrities or war.  We need to change the focus – yeah sounds crazy though that to me is the sum of it.

Celebrities and Terrorism are some of the smallest groups in the world.  Has anyone seen how big the Muslim culture is compared to ISIS…I saw a chart on a blog the other day showing how tiny ISIS is, yet they are aggressive and nobody seems to be able to stop them. The media shouts from the roof tops every time they do something.  It’s not that I don’t think they should, don’t get me wrong.  However what about all the other wars, the starving, the sick and natural disasters going on around the world each and every day.  We don’t here about the majority of the problems this world has.

Has anyone ever worked out how many famous people there are compared to the billions of humans on this planet?  Why are they so rich and famous, delicious to look at and god help those who you swoon over.  Look at how much we waste buying gossip magazines, watching daft and sometimes immature award ceremony shows where they honour themselves.  Remember they wouldn’t be there unless you supported them. Many don’t care about you.  Yes there are some who do care about our world, though like everything else it is a small group. Then you have those who pretend just to get the media attention.  We need to get real. Come on folks give it a break.

All it is, is good marketing from the powerful businesses who run the world and tread on the little people.  Why can’t we be big people too.  Why can’t we have some marketing magic.


Review Indie Author books – Yeah if you actually buy the book and want to read the genre.  On a personal front I’ve stopped most of my reviewing due to the fact I get very few reviews in return.  It doesn’t work for me.  I like to help, though seeing a bit of Karma coming back would be great too.

Re-blog Interesting Posts – Well I’ve certainly upped the anti with this and it seems to be working to a degree, however I’d love more followers.  People also need to learn to write Interesting blogs.  I’m certainly improving.

Twitter Ladders – Okay, I haven’t really done this very often, mainly because I’m not brilliant with Twitter.  What I would like to see is everyone follow everyone they know on their Author page.  Keep the Readers and Friends interested.  Join groups on Twitter when you’re invited.  Follow those in the group.  Grow your fan base.  After all the more we follow, the wider our reach and engagement.  This is a must on Twitter and Facebook.

Newsletter Signups – This is something I’ve just done.  I failed miserably with my first one on Mail Chimp.  I think it is my creativity which was annoyed.  In January 2016 I created my own on Publisher and I am now transferring it to Power Point so the links work better.  

This isn’t a Newsletter about me as an Author.  It is about my business and also helping other Indie Authors and Indie Businesses get their names out there.  If I could shout it from the roof tops and make the world hear, then I would.  Sadly I need people to sign up to receive a copy and guess what?  There are so many newsletters out there now, it is getting a problem to get anyone to take notice.  I will sign up to any author newsletter, if you sign up to mine.  I will take submissions for my newsletter and pray those who receive will share and push the newsletter showing their submission to all those who follow them.  Widen your circle.  Remember you will be helping other Authors and Businesses in the newsletter when you share.  BE PROUD.  I know I am.

Social Media – Join them all.  Link them all.  Share to them ALL.  Do this daily.  Social media of choice at present.

Tumblr and Instagram are growing big time.  Twitter and Facebook may still come next.  Pinterest is a place women love to post and share things.  Get a business account with them, entice them in to look at your PINS.  Blog on Goodreads, catch the readers eye with a great book cover.  Google+ is amazing.  I have one of my biggest followings and views there.  Linkedin for business is great as well.  Especially when you write a good blog. Get people to endorse you with your skill set and return the favour, keep your profiles updated.

There are a lot of other Social Media sites as well as ones trying to help you.  Look into them.  Don’t push. LEARN.  Pull your family, friends and readers close, ask them to put the word out.  GROW EACH OTHER.  MAKE OUR OWN CELEBRITY STATUS.  



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