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Createspace Supressed My Anthology Again

Createspace Supressed My Anthology Again


email-826333_1920Perhaps the mission at Createspace is to close down so we all go to use KDP Print.  I have no real idea except they are getting bloody stupid with all the hoops we have to jump through just to publish a print book.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017 was suppressed when they wanted copyright proof from authors i work with.  I managed to sort this issue out…You’d think they’d know to not do it again..BUT THEY DID AND I’M PEEVED OFF.

They have now suppressed A Treasure Chest of Children’s Stories…in PRINT.  This time they won’t budge.  I’ve sent them another email saying how idiotic this is and what i am prepared to do if this continues.  In fact i gave them 24 hours to sort it.  What will I do.

Well many of you know I have pulled together 8 anthologies (including the last two) the first six didn’t need copyright proof (I wonder why?)  The last two do.  Obviously this issue isn’t sorted and will continue with each and every anthology unless we change distributer…. Meanwhile….

I will ask every author to reply in email to the one i received to say how annoyed they are and fill his inbox…petty yes..might work, probably not.  I am also prepared to contact the CEO and blast him if need be.  Createspace has gone down the tubes, which is why i am now wondering if they are annoying as many authors as possible to use KDP Print.  Sorry mate if we jump ship it wont’ be to KDP Print it will be LULU.  I could probably also print via DRAFT TO DIGITAL, who work with createspace…funny that…NOT.

I am willing to fight this for those who work with me.  It is over the top and they should be chasing those who do steal work not Publishers who help others to get their work out there.  

Where will this go…I have no idea. Keep your fingers crossed.  Why can’t they have a tick box to say you have copyright permission like D2D do….


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  2. Patty says:

    I saw a post about this from somewhere, but where I cannot remember.

    Iâ??ve reblogged on campbellsworld.wordpress.com

  3. Ridiculous! People would think we are making millions off of books. Well, we are, but in minutes spent writing, you promoting, not in money…

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