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Daycause – The new crowdspeaker

Daycause – The new crowdspeaker

So Headtalker is over and done with and another one moves in.  I’m not sure how new they are to the crowdspeaker idea. What I will say is it is looking good.  

We did our first campagin, got a tad lost and deleted it.  (Don’t you love a learning curve) We did the same campagin again and got it correct.  You can find it here.  Please support if you can.



Anyway Daycause is slightly different from both Headtalker and Thunderclap.  This time you don’t have to gather a certain amount of supporters for the campagin to be published. You can set a term limit of up to 60 days in advance and it also has different social arenas to choose from.  The campagin goes on Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus and you raise awareness by sharing the campaign to get supporters.  So far we have 11 supporters for our next book release – Enchantments with covers 19,000 plus social media folks.

What we do like about this site is you can write a blurb and add images as well.  There isn’t some many words or letters to use like Twitter though they do ask you for a short blurb as well for Twitter

Lets all hope this takes off.  It is totally FREE so get in there and give it a go.  Let us know what you think.



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