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Don’t Just Like Posts COMMENT & SHARE

Don’t Just Like Posts COMMENT & SHARE

COMMENTBuilding a platform as an Indie Author or Indie Business takes time.  It is time we need to use wisely, with the best of our knowledge while we grow.  I know I have learnt alot over the last two years, though Marketing is still a weak spot for me. First you need to invite your family and friends to your page, this extends your reach for anything you post. The reach goes even further if they comment or share your post.

Content Marketing is hard work.  What do you do? What do your fans want to know? How can you convince them to stay with you? Like and share your work with others.  Here is the sticking point. On facebook, liking a post is of little value to anyone.  What you need to do is comment and share the post.  

First the person has to grab your interest.  A trimuph in life is always well recieved along with pictures.  I know I get more comments on posts like this.  Now if I post about a client and or a book…NOTHING or very little response…WHY.  What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to add something personal to a post, therefore possibly gathering more comments and shares?  Something I am going to try out.

Another place we get stuck is in groups.  Yes, I know we are all readers. However, we need to get out of this circle and into the fan based groups, the readers groups. Goodreads is a reader based website, I find it difficult to use, though I am slowly learning.  There are other websites which are similar. Readers Gazette, Books Go Social etc. Also how many of us belong to the same groups, therefore the things we share are to the same people. No wonder we get stuck in a rut, we’re going round in circles.

We also need to realise not everyone speaks English or wants to read books in English – a sticking point for many authors because translation can cost the earth. Totally mind boggling. My children’s book ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps,’ has a translation cost of about $4000 NZ. This is for 10,000 words…eek.  The language to translate to is Maori, the translator is fully trained.

One way might be STREET TEAMS, though I have never had one and I have no idea how effective they are.  Do they help sell more books or get people interested?

As a publisher I have a thirty page plus Newsletter. This goes out every two months. Marketing is FREE if you sign up for the newsletter.  Once you get a copy you can share at will..This is how we will further our reach, well I hope so 🙂 If you can’t share the newsletter what is the point of marketing you.  We need the readers, your fans…Keep the ball rolling.

There are many different place we can catch an audience and though learning how is the difficult part, please remember two things.


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