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Emails and Files

Emails and Files

A short blog post about emails and files!!

It seems many people either don’t realise, forget or just don’t think about files they’ve attached to emails and sent to contractors, publishers, editors etc., etc.

Why do I say this?

If you send a file to someone… anyone, then you should still have a copy of that email and file YOU sent to them in your email account unless YOU deleted the OUTGOING FILE!!

Don’t ask the person you sent it to for a COPY back (if no changes have been made) GO AND LOOK IN YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT! This not only saves YOU time, it also SAVES your CONTRACTOR TIME – TIME YOU PAY FOR…

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  1. Hi Claire.
    While I agree that they should have copies in their email files, doesn’t it stand to reason that most serious authors ought to be keeping records of what they’ve sent to whom and why?
    I keep files that way. I have folders in my documents. I have folders for client info. Folders for things which have been published and when you and I worked on my last book project, I created a folder into which went all the files we sent to one another and each file was titled to reflect what they were, what stage of editing they were in and what date they were sent. Maybe I’m going to tick people off here, but it’s called being responsible for your own material. Fine if you have a computer meltdown and your back up fell through and someone needs to request a file but honestly serious writers or business owners ought to be able to create and maintain a filing system and depending upon nothing but an email save is ridiculous!

    • I think you probably said that better than I did…on the blog… 🙂

      • it is because I am ranting on this constantly. OK. It’s like this. None of us are perfect. Don’t tell nobody LOL. But the point is this. If people would treat their writing like a business, and be responsible with their filing system, they would have what they need when they need it. and do not even get me started on keeping up with what you have published previously. Because that is a blog post for another day LOL. ________________________________

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