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How to use Better Readers

How to use Better Readers

Identifying the right kind of beta reader cannot only help polish your work but it also becomes a valuable sales and marketing tool.

The term ‘beta’ is most commonly used in the world of software development. Before an app is deemed ready for public consumption, it’s usually sent out to a group of people tasked with putting the software through its paces.

Known as ‘beta testers’ this helpful bunch will sniff out bugs and offer constructive feedback on the usability of the app, amongst other things.

The same methodology is now being applied to self-publishing, with ‘beta readers’ becoming a common fixture in aspiring authors’ toolboxes.

Just like software testers, beta readers lend their eyes to completed drafts in order to help the author refine their work for the intended audience.

If you’re yet to dip your toes into the world of beta reading, or actively campaign against the very idea – they’re not for everyone – here is some insight into how they can be used effectively.

Locate Beta Readers

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