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Indies Against Bullying

Indies Against Bullying

I’m appalled at what I have read today about a young cover designer trying to take her life because she was bullied and backed into a corner.   Another person I know got hate mail. Two lots of nasty in two days.


I found this image on a post from Davina Purnell.  I’m not sure if she designed it or not. I am still waiting on confirmation. I will acknowledge as soon as I have the information.  The designer is Kharma Kelley who approved anyone to use the design an dhas started a group on Facebook to help others.  You can find it HERE


If you do this then we don’t want to know you. You are vile to bully another person. There is enough death in the world without Indie’s attacking each other. We should be supporting each other as we grow and learn.

I will always help other Indies…Now, however, I am wary of those who will try and bully me and those around me.  I have no qualms about suing for slander or defamation of character. 

Yes I have been bullied. Yes I nearly sued them.  Yes I always keep evidence.



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  2. Tigerman says:

    Unfortunately, bullying is nothing unusual. We have world leaders doing the same thing to their own people. Without a doubt, it should not happen, but its a fact of life it does. All bullies should be reported as unless they are the victims suffer alone.

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    Check out this post from the Plaisted Publishing House blog on the topic of indies against bullying

  4. Anne Copeland says:

    You all are so right. I have experienced the victim side of bullying in horrific ways as a child, a teenager, and as an adult. I too considered ending it all when the last bullying occurred as I was a senior. I had to lose a home I had put much work and love into in order to save my life and that of my pets. The day I moved away from that horrible place, the police had to stay all day to protect me and prevent any of them from following me. And these were all seniors doing the bullying because I had tried to stop drug dealing and manufacturing next door to me. The problem with bullies is that you never know who or where they are hiding or when they will come out, and you don’t know how many of them there are, but they are like a virus, waiting for an opportunity to come out and infect everything with their hatred and evil. Those who bully others have no clue about something called ethics, or morality, or even being a decent human beings. Their minds are so twisted that they will turn on each other without the least hesitation. Mankind, instead of progressing, seems to be moving ever backwards.

    I am currently trying to start an anti-bullying program in my own area. A couple of months ago, a 13-year-old child hung herself; she had been bullied because she wore braces. And this was just one of several similar suicides in my area, which is a small Southern California town in the foothills of the mountains. Having worked in the school system for many years with physically/developmentally/emotionally challenged children and youth, I have seen so much bullying I cannot even believe it. It is not all child to child, or young person to young person. It is teacher to child, teachers to teachers and other staff, and on and on. It is a lack or ethics, a lack of morality, and something missing in human beings that causes them to do such things to others. Having done some horrid act of bullying does not make the person doing the bullying feel better. They must continue to bully because there is an endless line of others waiting to come forward.

    Within the realm of indie publishing, unfortunately I am sure many of us have run into others who are all too willing to bully others. People I imagined were professionals, even if they were able to do a good job of their actual work, quickly showed how little the word ethics in business meant. It seems to stem from the need to be right at all costs, and in that, not taking full responsibility for whatever actions led to a problem in the first place. I am glad that this support group exists for and by Indie Publishers. We cannot have too many of these. Thank you.

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