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Meet Warren Lockie

Meet Warren Lockie

WarrenI am a retired school teacher who has always enjoyed reading and writing as well as; travel (my wife and I are touring NZ in a mobile home for a year or two) music (I play various instruments including the sitar) and family time (8 grandchildren to visit these days).

I have written because I enjoy the creative process of having an idea and following it through all its twists and turns as it takes on a life of its own. My first published book, ‘WETA The Insect Wars,’ was more than twenty years in the making and was a great thrill being able to give copies to friends and family. I also wanted to highlight the plight of insects on our planet. We cant live without them (esp bees) and yet we are destroying them at a great rate. So an ecological and sustainability message is there in my work as well.

My first book is WETA as above. I am please with how it worked out especially in the lightWETAeBook Cover of how many people helped with feedback and the  publishing process.

I am writing mainly fiction for young adults and children. Plenty of action, characters teens can relate to, and a bit of message regarding helping our planet survive. First drafts take me several months ( I was working full time for most of the writing of my novel). I like to rough out a plot, do some research and look at revising the story line if need be. At times I’ve noticed I needed to develop a character more, twist the plot a little or leave a question hanging. I like to use 3rd person mostly.

I edit by leaving the draft alone for some weeks and seek out a beta reader to get some feed back.

I market for young adults/ teens mostly.

I like to work with a publisher (thanks Claire Plaisted).

I promote my book through friends, teaching associates, and soon I will be using facebook as well.

My books can be purchased on Amazon, Kobo etc.

My favourite authors are many in number. The classical greats; Dickens, Tolstoy etc and modern writers of Sci Fi ( William Gibson and Greg Bear, ). I enjoy many contemporary woman writers works and authors like Paul Cuelo, Sebastian Faulks.

I can be reached at warrenlockie@yahoo.com

I would love to collaborate with others for a comic version of my book.

Good luck with your writing and remember it’s the journey that’s most important ( Check out Elizabeth Gilberts latest book on Creativity).


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