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Nero The Alarm Clock #Nero #Cat #adventures

Nero The Alarm Clock #Nero #Cat #adventures

Who needs an Alarm clock when you have…NERO THE CAT… OMG, he is such a darling until he wakes you at 4 am on a Saturday morning. That is two weeks in a row and I’ve discovered why this happens. Partly my own fault to say the least, however, this Friday, I won’t get it wrong.

Nero generally sleeps with me, in my room or puts himself to bed in his basket in the lounge. He does sometimes roam at night, though I don’t always notice, I’m too deaf to notice, though I do feel him when he jumps up on me and walks straight down my middle until he’s tucked himself under my chin, giving me a mouthful of fur.

I think we’ve now sorted the 4 am wake up call at the weekend. However, there is more to his charm than stomping all over you with his tiny and heavy paws. I’m sure he puts wait on them, especially on my bad shoulder as he walks up and sits above my head.

The other day I was in my wake up phase and Nero decided to sit on my chest as close to my chin as possible, paws down, all weight on them. I slowly opened my eyes…
ME: Do you have to… my eyes started to close again he was looking at me with disdain.
NERO: Time to wake and cuddle me… Deleted: I didn’t see him twist his head though i finished my sentence with a mouthful of fur.
ME: …Sit so hard… muffle, spit, yucky…eyes open, his back is right in my face.
NERO: Cuddle. I love you.
ME: Get off you nut He gets so into his tummy rubs, he slides off my chair, his eyes wide and …
NERO: Oh shit.

The other day I was trying to type chat with my daughter in England. Nero was sitting on my stomach right in front of my screen. The spelling mistakes were hilarious and she got fed up when I said it was Nero’s fault. Anyway, she video called me. I hit the receive call button just as Nero moved and my darling daughter burst out laughing.
Yep, he’d done it again, Curled up under my chin, my mouth full of cat fur. Damn sure he does it on purpose. Most mornings when he decides it’s wake up time, he stands on my chest and stomach and pats my face with his paws. All gentle.
NERO: Wake up and feed me.
ME: Go away, too early.
He pats my face again, my eyes blink open, I glared and rollover.
ME: Go away.
NERO: Feed me.
ME: Dad fed you… NERO: I prefer your food.
ME: It’s the same food, Nero.
NERO: Get up…pats my face again.
ME: Ugh… I sit up and stare at him now sitting on the floor waiting for me. Getting out of bed he trots off down to the kitchen. There is food in his dish (of course) he weaves in and out of my legs as I make a cuppa, open the door for him. He didn’t eat, didn’t drink…didn’t go outside. I went back to bed.

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  2. Imagine five of them – I have FIVE inside cats, and 2 outside cats. Like all cats, they are active in the early am and the late pm – and finally, I decided to have some peace in the mornings so I put them all down for nighty-night around 7 pm. I open the door to the basement, and down they go – for the night! This is now their routine and it comes naturally. Thiss way I have the assurance that they are not walking about getting into mischief while I am sleeping. Now, the other problem is that I have 2 dogs and they wake me up typically before 5 am to go outside. We have to take a little walk with them on leash – so by the time we come back, there is no way I am going back to sleep – I am wide awaked. Let’s face it the pets rule our lives – and we love it. Right? I enjoyed meeting Nero today. Mr. Fuzzy Butt, I think.

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