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New Services for You

New Services for You

Time for me to expand on business and let my entrepreneurial person out to play.

As many of you know, I love to help others and combining this with my love of technology, I think it is the right time to offer more services, helping you extend your reach further than ever before.  Here’s my plan.


Indie Publishing News is my newsletter/magazine for you all to enjoy and submit items too and it is all FREE.  All those have received a copy have enjoyed the newsletter, I’ve had some really great feedback.  

How would you like to have your newsletter looking professional?  Stun your readers, family and friends with your terrific newsletter and professional layout.  I can do this for you, either as a package deal or with an hourly rate.

Professionally layouts are available in PDF, Slideshow and for Screen Readers. This means you can reach out to more people, especially the sight impaired and blind. Up to three choices at one great price for up to 10 pages with two layouts (if you are wanting a Screen Reader Edition.)

$60 – 90  for the package or $35 per hour.


Have you ever been a speaker to a group of people, or organisation?  Telling them about your business or your work as an author?

In most cases, you will find speakers have a Power Point Presentation, assisting them with their speech. Pictures and diagrams can be an excellent visual, along with a hand out for your guests to take with them.  These are great for reminding you of information you may need later on down the track.

As the speaker to a group, these presentations also helps you talk about what you wish to put across to your audience. Showing everyone you’ve done your research and know the subject you are talking about.  A great time to impress your boss and friends.

Package deals with Animation and Transition slides will cost $150 for 15 slides. Technically this is $10 per slide. Less for plain and or fewer slides.


Do you know the basics of wordpress?  Can you set up a professional looking blog, website or post to impress your readers or clients?

Here’s how I can help.

I can set up a basic WordPress site, as a blog or website.  I can set up the basic five pages, sort out the menu and teach you how to use it, when you are ready to learn.  The cost is $35 an hour.  (I promise it doesn’t take long to set up).  Teaching you to use WordPress or post to your blog – would be the same price.  I also have a specialty in helping sight impaired and blind people to use WordPress.


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