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Celebrating Seven Years in Business

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Plaisted Publishing is celebrating seven years in business. Established in 2014, we are growing and have most certainly changed over the years. We’ve introduced an Author Consultant Service to help writers move through the publishing process so they can learn and upload their manuscripts to distribution websites. We also offer tutoring for some distribution websites.

This year we are also supporting charities around the world with our Ghostly Youth and Ghostly Rites Anthologies. All royalties from the ebooks will go to a charity which is chosen by those who participate in the books.
     Our Charity of choice for Ghostly Youth Anthology 2021 is Gumboot Friday/I Am Hope. This is a charity for Mental Health in New Zealand Youth, so they can get the counselling they need for FREE.
  Along with the royalties, we will also donate 10% of any money made from any paid consultation or formatting/Interior Book Design. If you are looking for assistance, please consider using our services so we can pay it forward and help some charities.

You can find more information or make a donation below.


Celebrating 30,000 Views

Must be a happy moment. I’m nearly at 30k views and after nearly two years off due to life. I’m back and building my following, putting out posts which I hope you enjoy, including those I share.

The SCAM Publishers post written by Victoria Strauss from Writers Beware seems to be one of the best I’ve shared in a while. I thank you all for your comments and I’m glad it helps. Victoria’s article is great, as are so many others I find and I also hope you enjoy the ones I write as well.

My favourite this year is the one about Which English you use and who your Readers are, especially for those who want reviews. After all, you don’t want an American Reader to say you have spelling errors through your work when you’ve written in British English…Do you? I know I don’t

At the moment we are also celebrating five years of Awethors and our Awethology which we published in October 2015. About 54 Authors participated with two books of about 600 pages each. A lot of work and joy and the eBooks are still available FREE on Amazon.

Anyway, I’m wondering how to celebrate when I do hit 30k views…It could happen today or tomorrow. What should I do? Ideas are more than welcome in comments.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.

Happy Birthday to the Indie Publishing News

I can’t quite believe how fast the last two years have gone.  The Indie Publishing News was first published on 10th Feb 2016 as a by monthly magazine for Indie Authors. It was quite a hard sell at first, looking for people who would participate, doing interviews, new releases poetry etc. By May of the same year I opened the Indie Publishing News Group so I could gather all I needed to make a magazine. I made Post headings and invited those I knew into the group so we could all share and enjoy each others achievements. 

The group grew, the magazine changed appearance in October 2016 and we started Spotlight Authors. If memory serves me well J G Clay was my first Spotlight Author. He was great to interview and the cover was amazing, a great photo which Ceejay-designs created and continued to create right up until Ceejay became a Spotlight Graphic Artist/Book Cover Artist. This year, this young designer will only be doing the word placement as each magazine will be created by a different designer who we will interview and show some of their work.

By the end of the year I also had two cartoonists to draw cartoons of my Spotlight Authors…a good bit of humour which I know has been enjoyed by the authors involved. Adam Mitchell was with us for a short time before Mara Reitsma are great artists.

Today we have a group of over 500 members with 370 who have signed up to participate and share out the magazine each month.  Sadly I have no idea how many share or even open each magazine, what I do know is it goes out worldwide and we get more new members each month.  Looking into the statistics of the group the amount of participates in the group is 145 which isn’t even half of those who signed up. 

If we wish this magazine to continue to grow and share your work, we really need to up the amount of those who participate within the group.  We need more names for Interviews, New Releases, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Events, Educational, Informational…The last two can be emailed to me.

Comments and Reactions have also dropped.

The drop in Comments means less are participating and adding links.  The magazine has gone from 45 pages down to about 33. Even though that is still quite a large magazine it is also a considerable drop. If you can help build the magazine back up…please let me know. Send in your ideas…Give it a go and be proud to be INDIE

I would like to encourage bloggers to join the group and share some of their educational and informational articles, spread your news, share our magazine and grow our social media. I’m happy to do a short series on various writing, editing, book covers, marketing topics etc.

On the marketing side I’d like to thank Joe Compton from Go Indie Now for sponsoring this magazine last year. If you wish to sponsor the magazine by getting the same advert in each month then the cost is $60 USD

Part of the celebration is also opening the doors to Indie Music and sharing their links to videos, muisc and we are also hoping to share songs by these wonderful muscians. 

Happy 2nd Birthday to everyone involved in this wonderful magazine!

Celebrating Three Years in Business

What an amazing journey it has been so far.  Three years of learning the ropes – and there is so much more to do to extend our skills and prove we are an awesome small publishing company.

We do things differently here at Plaisted Publishing House Ltd., We don’t take your copyright off you, nor do we work via royalties. In fact the most important thing is the CLIENT. You are in total control of your book at all times.  You have to approve the work we do in a final document prior to paying us a one-off fee.  This means if you become a rich and famous author – we don’t make any more money off you. It’s all yours with our best wishes.

This all may change in the future as our knowledge base, strength and business grows. There again it may not. Nobody can really see what the future holds.

At present we have had a total of thirty individual authors through our books. Plus those who have joined our Anthologies.  This would give us a list of over 100 authors, if we added them all together.  

I would like to thank each and every Indie Author I have worked with. You have all been and are, amazing to work with – even with a few minor hiccups which all businesses have. We have pulled through, helped more and put our skills on the line to show you our professionalism. 

Due to this incredible journey we have helped hundreds of Indie Authors, many aren’t even clients.  These authors have been assisted via our FREE Marketing MagazineIndie Publishing News & The Journal of Sins & Secrets (R18), AnthologiesGhostly Writes & Childrens Fairy Tale Anthology. Last but not least our Sponsorship Program which was for Fantasy Authors this year. We will be announcing the Winner on the Tenth of August.

Since we are doing so well, I’ll be introducing you to our four new contractors who assist us helping Indie Authors get the best.  So watch out for Mike Elliott, Claudia Plaisted, Mara Reitsma & Joanne Ruth.