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Courtesy Lost in the Digital Age…

Over the years, I’ve had bad experiences with clients. I’m sure we all have and we move on and forward, take it as a lesson learnt and not repeat it. Most of the time it works, however when COURTESY is lacking then I will take a stand. It doesn’t take much to message someone who…
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Journey into Creating a Publishing Company – Part Three

I never name call anyone. I am always polite and rational with anyone with any discussion. If or when a person earns my ire I tend to grumble a lot, though I do step back and think about the situation which has arisen. I will help as much as I can or as the client…
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Authors who Bully…Breaking your Trust

Yes it happened.  No real fault of my own.  I like to help. I don’t like been taken advantage of, I don’t like been bullied by overly arrogant people.  However we meet them as we go through our lives.  On a personal level I’ve tried to be proactive and positive.  Of course, there is nearly…
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