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To DRM or not to DRM

To DRM or not to DRM


DRM (Digital Rights Management) was introduced to help stop piracy and people sharing files through internet file sharing websites.  It means when you buy an eBook you can only view on certain eReaders, you can’t share the file with friends, instead you are meant to tell them to buy a copy of their own, therefore letting the author earn more royalties. This also means the buyer can’t infringe on your copyright, which is still protected under copyright laws. 

So why do we bother, is it worth it. Surely when you own something you should be able to do as you wish with it. I mean you share paperback books with friends, you have parties and therefore they listen to music you bought…

I decided to blog about this because when I looked on Kobo and Nook I noted my books were DRM-FREE meaning I wasn’t covered. So I then went to both the sites I use to have a look see if I had ticked the box.  I couldn’t find it on Draft to Digital and Smashwords. It seems not to be essential anymore.

The laws are complicated and I doubt many of us even know the full meaning of DRM – even me.

Today I found a website about why DRM isn’t a good thing. Apparently it takes your rights away as a buyer. This is not about piracy though, this is about how you use an item. The information I gleaned states that technology watches your every step with DRM covered items. I must admit it was an interesting read. So what is true about DRM? Which part of this website is someones Opinion or true knowledge?   I don’t know, mainly because I don’t have enough knowledge about DRM. As a buyer though..which we all are – what should we do. 

I did find websites on why we should use DRM, though they were all complicated, talk about confusing.  I do wish some of these sites used simple English so more of us could comprehend better what is for the good, what is for the bad and which way we wish to go with DRM as an individual.

We all buy clothes, swap with friends, sisters. Listen to each others music, read each other’s paperbooks and videos, never mind household items.  Yeah I know it is different, though in some ways it is the same – what you do with what you buy is your business – just not with eBooks, Music and Videos.

Due to the above website I now wonder if DRM really necessary.  Our books are still pirated or scammed, DRM is apparently easy to crack and few chase copyright infringement (unless it is huge) due to cost, also remembering not all countries have Registered Copyright.

Now to work out if I will bother ticking the box on Kindle next time I release a book

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  1. Chris White says:

    No easy fixes I’m afraid. I suppose the positive thing is that an author’s name will be out there.The e. book revolution has opened up such a massive market. All the best. Kris.

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