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Universal Book Links with Books to Read

Universal Book Links with Books to Read

It is strange how things happen in life.  I was investigating Books to Read and their Universal Book Links to see if you had to have books on Draft to Digital to use them.  Apparently not.  I was then going to write an article about how to get your links which then adds the books to your Books to Read site (Author Page). Then my wonderful friend posted this on Facebook. It is an article written on the 14th Feb 2020 by Russell Phillips. Thank you for doing the hard work for me 😀

Article by Russel Phillips

Create and Edit Universal Book Links

A Universal Book Link (commonly referred to as a UBL) is a short link that will go to a web page showing links to all the stores where the ebook or audiobook can be bought. When the user clicks on any of the links, they will go to their local site if the store has one. Such a link is useful in all sorts of situations, but especially on social media, where a long list of links looks clunky at best.

This post will explain how to set up a Universal Book Link for any book (even if you are not the book’s author).

Screenshot of Books2Read login form
The Books2Read login form

You will need to login at books2read.com/authentication/login. Use your Draft2Digital account to log in if you have one. If you don’t, click on the I need to register a new account link to create an account. Any books published with Draft2Digital will automatically have an UBL already, which you can find on the book details page. See below for instructions on how to add affiliate codes or edit the link.

Create the Link

Screenshot of Universal Book Link page, showing where to paste a link
Paste a link here and Books2Read will find all the other links automatically

Once logged in, you will see a box labelled “Paste a link to your book”. Copy a link from Amazon or another store into this box and click “Make My Universal Link”.



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