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Vanity Publishing or Indie Publishing – You Decide.

Vanity Publishing or Indie Publishing – You Decide.


When we look at the technicalities of publishing, my business would in some ways come under the title of Vanity Publisher.  I dislike this title – to me Vanity Publishers are generally rip off artists who charge to much and don’t do their job properly.  How they can charge so much is mind blowing.  I know for a fact I under cut most.

Vanity publishers have huge costs, they hold your copyright and royalties. However, they don’t have a selection like Traditional Publishers – genres.  They will work with any genre and take your money.  I know there are some good ones out there, though I would prefer not to be associated with the term Vanity. It is old fashioned – out dated term.

I come under a new umbrella.  I am an Indie Publisher.  My selection is Indie Authors of all genres. My aim is to assist Indie Authors get their manuscripts online with full professional services.

As an Indie Publisher I don’t hold copyright, I don’t hold royalties, I get paid up-front for the work we do.  I contract out to other Indie Businesses when the need arises.  I run an Indie Newsletter with FREE Marketing, I hold a Sponsorship for new Indie Authors and I also publish a yearly Anthology which any Indie Author can participate in.  Yes, I have cost though they barely cover everything I do. I am here to help.  

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  2. mhembroff says:

    You made the right decision. Vanity Publishing wouldn’t be a good title.

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