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Watch out for my Debut Author – J C Christian

Watch out for my Debut Author – J C Christian

Reaching for the Light


Reaching for the Light - Front1 (1)The time has come to finally release J C Christian’s Debut book. ‘Reaching for the Light – An Incest Survivors Story.’ What better day to release than the 4th July – The day of Freedom, the day of Independance.  This book will be available on Amazon and Kindle and will reach Barnes & Noble a few days later.  

‘Reaching for the Light – An Incest Survivors Story,’ is a compelling read.  It has depths I’ve never seen before. It shows what it is like behind the scene of what most people would see as a normal, everyday, happy family. It is true, some of it will make you cry, some will make you laugh.  There are also parts some people won’t be able to read without taking a deep breath. It can be horrific with how candid the author gets.  The voice of a child screaming to be free, not knowing how to escape.

The truth of Incest and indecent assult is harsh. How we let this happen in our society today is incredible.  J C Christian’s journey though life so far has been a harsh reality, were many would have given up. J C is a strong woman, a complex woman with a wonderful personality, she had fought and won.  I love this woman, I’m so very proud of her accomplishments and her continuing growth.


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