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Winner of Mystery & Suspense Book Cover War

Winner of Mystery & Suspense Book Cover War

Book Cover Winner Michael Elliott

What inspired your Book Cover?

Alfie Cover warsI wanted a new cover for Mr Westacott’s Christmas because I was relaunching the revised version. The original covered featured a dead budgie. I had the idea of asking Awethor Stewart Bint if I could use pics of his budgie, Alfie. The next idea was to have Alfie sitting on the branch of a Christmas tree with some Christmas ornaments which had some blood on them. This was to create a bit of mystery.

Who is your Designer and where did you find them?Sharon Lipman

My designer is the wonderfully talented Sharon Lipman. Sharon is also a member of The Awethors. When she mentioned she created book covers I started chatting to her about my ideas.

How did you decide they were the one you wanted?

Sharon was very good at grasping my concepts and running with them. She came back with some brilliant proofs.

Are images used chosen by you or your artist?

Stewart supplied the pics of Alfie which I passed onto Sharon and Sharon found the rest of the images.

Mr Westacotts ChristmasHow much say did you have in your cover?

A lot, Sharon is very good at listening to what an author wants, she suggests font’s colours etc and I’ll always check out her suggestions and most of the time we agree on her choices.

Where do you get your images from?

Sharon finds all the images. I sometimes find images that I give her for reference so she has an idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

How would you recommend them to others?

I always do cover reveals on Facebook and Twitter and mention Sharon and her company.

Where can we contact your Cover Designer?

Find Sharon at:- Fantasia – Book Covers By Design

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