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WORD WAR with Cac the Proofreader

WORD WAR with Cac the Proofreader

Cac The Proofreader back for yet another Word War tip!


Words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have totally different meanings. We all get tripped up at one point or another. And here’s one that is CONSTANTLY being misused–yes, even by very accomplished writers!
THERE denotes a place or a specific moment in time: Examples: “Let’s go there.” “Stop right there.” “I can’t agree with her there.”
THEIR shows possession/ownership. Examples: “That’s their problem.” “That cat? Oh, that’s theirs.”
THEY’RE is simply the contraction of (combination) the words “they” and “are.” Examples: “They’re mine.” “They’re going.”
I LOVE posting these. So, please, if you have one that trips you up and causes a mental Word War, contact me; I’ll add it to the list and address it here. HAPPY WRITING!

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