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CoPromote and now Creator Collabs

CoPromote and now Creator Collabs

I did some googling to find out what was happening and I found posts from ex employees who’ve not been paid, that the owner/director/operator runs when someone is trying to serve them papers…and the list goes on. All you need to do is google CoPromote.  I did try with Creator Collabs…but nothing came up other than there website which…is defunct.

I personally wish I knew what happened to CoPromote.  There was never an explanation as to why they closed down…all I remember was some kind of internet issues. I am glad I used a FREE Account. I doubt those who paid ever saw their money again.

CoPromote was a great loss. It was a great idea and worked really well. I had a massive following at one stage and then bam…They were gone.  Like all small businesses who wish to market we go looking for other websites which do similar things.  I did try one and got told off for posting to quickly…or was that to often.  I never went back.  I decided they weren’t worth the time.

Then I found Creator Collabs.  Opening the site it looked nearly exactly the same as CoPromote. They were back and under a new name…at first I found this weird. I worked out it was the same company, however once joined up, you had to start from scratch again. This was off-putting so even though I used the site…I didn’t use it much, I wasn’t sure about trusting this site. I found Creator Collabs at the end of 2017 then in November they had a hitch which sounded very similar to what happened to CoPromote.  However, they did get back online again.  Then a found a post on Facebook from a friend asking is anyone used the site.  We had a chat in messages.

It seems another hitch has arisen. This friend messaged them and got a reply saying they’d be back online soon.  Then nothing. Messaged again…NOTHING... We spoke and I sent a message on TWITTER….Nope, no reply.  This was earlier this year.

broken link creator collabsI just checked today…THE LINK IS STILL BROKEN!  NO UPDATE ON TWITTER OR FACEBOOK…NOTHING.

Twitter Creator Collabs

If or when this site come back online….I sure as hell won’t be using it. I don’t trust anyone who can’t give me a reply or who can’t explain what’s going on.



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  1. It worked for a couple months on my computer, then suddenly they stopped. For a couple days I had them back on, and now they seemed to have disappeared. I don’t even get a “broken link” message anymore. Just a plain white page. I tried it on different Browsers, but nothing. I figure I’m done with them.

  2. Taylor Smith says:

    As of May 2019, CoPromote is now in early release under brand new ownership (all new platform). Please check us out and let us know how we can improve. We want to make it easy for people to promote and share content.

    • You say under NEW OWNERSHIP… Can you tell us a bit more. perhaps do a write up about the new CoPromote, how it will work etc. I know many people who were upset over the loss of paid accounts, which I’m sure you can’t do anything about, however, anyone coming back will want to know just how trustworthy the company will be. You may have a long road ahead of you. Good luck. If you have a blog I can post explaining what is happening, i’d be happy to share. Thanks for the update Taylor.

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