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Debut Author Event

Debut Author Event

Debut Author J C Christian

J C Christian is our latest client and will be releasing her book ‘Reaching for the Light – An Incest Survivor’s Story,’ on the 4th July 2016.  Yes Independance day! A new beginning! FREEDOM!!  Remember ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE.’

On the 9th July 2016, J C Christian and hostess Kayleigh Broughton will be holding an Book Release Party.  There will be author takeovers from around the world along with her Book Cover Designer and her Publisher (US).

Those doing take overs are:

Claire Plaisted- Publisher & Author, Michelle Dianna Lowe – Author, Elizabeth Newton – Author, Charity DeVeries – Web Designer, Jenn Deese – Author, Claudia Plaisted – Book Cover Designer, Tracy Kincaid – Author, Zorha Edwards – Poet, Markie Madden – Author

Reaching for the Light - Front1 (1)Reaching for the Light is a memoir of memories written over the last 18 months with much grief and bravery many will never know.  It tells of a journey of untoiced violence towards a young girl and a nassistic parent who portrayed family life as normal.

Until the young woman fell apart and all the horror of her life surfaced.  You will hear a childs voice in a childs writing.  You will cry at the horror if you manage to read it.  You will laugh when funny things happen.  PTSD is very much present in this authors life.  A strong woman who lives her daily life with what went before. A life which had many other complications through to a beautiful ending… for the short term.

There will be a book two – let there be no doubt about it. This is a must read, for those who wish to understand and those who are survivors themself, be warned…YOU WILL CRY.




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