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Does Writing Fit Me?

Does Writing Fit Me?

TWoA Waiariki - Graduation 2016

Going back to my childhood I remember I was about twelve years old when I discovered reading as a delight, rather than a necessary evil – typical kid. I devoured ‘The Famous Five,’ and all the books by Enid Blyton. I loved to read ‘Biggles and Worrals,’ flying adventures by Captain W E Johns. However my true favourite was ‘The Narina Stories,’ by C S Lewis – Stories I still read today.

At high school, I found a love of English Language and Literature. I hated reading out loud in class, I avoided it at all costs (if I could).  Sadly I was not allowed to do O’level English, they decided I wasn’t good enough even though I did pass their test.  Goes to prove how wrong teachers can be.

Two years at college and no true qualifications, I did well in Business Studies (I didn’t at school) and ended up in a sewing factory…Certainy not my dream job, though I must admit to learning some very useful skills.  What I had wanted to do was Computing…This was in the time when there was no Paint, Word, Excel at all. Pictures were built with numbers, it was so cool. A tape and tape recorder to upload anything. It is amazing how technology changed.

I also trained as a retail assistant, was excellent at my job which sadly ended to quickly. On the dole (Benefit) I had the opportunity to do a business course.  Yes, computers. This was still prior to getting the Internet. Of course the tutors in the 1990’s were not trained teachers, rather computer techs. My tutor was ok, not brilliant, especially after  I accidently proved him wrong with an equation. Note to People – Never say it can’t be done, because I will probably find a way.  I passed everything except what they used to call Spreadsheets now EXCEL – why did I fail?  Someone sent the wrong exam paper twice.

Still no job in computers.  

In 1989 I travelled to New Zealand for a holiday, fell in love and I migrated back in 1991 to marry my then Fiance, after two years of chatty letters.  Life was good. Marriage, Jobs, motherhood, love and in 2000 my husband went back to college, this is when we got our first computer.  This was the time I started my Family History Research as well. Research, writing out social stories and producing books for family.  Moving forward to 2011 and I fell into novel writing, quite by accident. It was never something which crossed my mind as something to do. 

It is now 2016.  My novel from 2011 is going to be published this year. It is a historical mystery, romance, set in late Regency and early Victorian times. It is book one of a series set in Gloucestershire, England.  During the writing of this book, I learnt how to use microsoft office, I learnt how to write  a synopsis (still don’t like them) and book blurbs, I can use wordpress, blogger, create a website. I am learning marketing as I grow my business.  It is amazing what I know and I love to share. I have been through 4 laptops…and I now have a tablet too.

If you have a question for me, please ask…I my have an answer, though no promises.

Today I have fifteen published works, plus two in anthologies. Four under the pen name of Beth Bayley.  My historical romance will be under another pen name of  Kayleigh Broughton.  Each pen name has their own wordpress.  You can find them here.


www.billionaireromances.wordpress.com (beth bayley)


I have overflowing muses who pick weird times to appear and can cause rauctions with my characters arguing whose story should be written next.  You can see some of the character interviews on my wordpress (claire) and the arguements on Garrett Investigations Bureau page on Facebook.  The joys of writing and letting them take control is fun.  I nearly tossed on character out of a plane without a parachute due to his rant at me – of course his story is not on hold until next year.  His girlfriend isn’t best please with him.

So why does writing fit me so well…I have a computer, a vivid imagination which scares the hell out of my children and over 40 drafts to finish….I love it.  I wish people would love my writing.  Sadly it isn’t so, well not yet.  I am totally useless at marketing myself so instead I help other Indie Authors get published.  Now this is something I am really good at and I really enjoy.  So keep the ball rolling and send me your draft work.  Maybe we can work together, maybe not…Who knows until you try.

Meanwhile I have a book to finish formatting and upload to kindle for a client, so I’m off outta here until next time.

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