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How To: Find and Set up Share Tabs on Wordpress

How To: Find and Set up Share Tabs on WordPress

Yes I know there are tutorial for WordPress about how to use and improve your websites & blogs (especially for beginners. The tutorials are brilliant and informative. It is a great place to start your journey. Here is a tutorial link to various things you may want to learn


However. I keep getting asked how to do various things on wordpress, or I assist where I can depending on what I know.  Like everyone else I am still learning due to technology changing and updating.

This post is about Share Tabs…How I sorted mine out prior to knowing about wpbeginner.


Everything you do on your wordpress site starts with your HOME PAGE – Whatever name you call it. Mine is PACKAGES. This is also called your LANDING PAGE so it needs to be impressive.

Up on the top left hand side you can see the words MY SITES. Click on this and it will open a panel on the left side as shown below.

Slide 01

This is what you will find. Here you can check your Stats, look over your Site Pages, Customize and so much more. 

Slide 02

Scroll down to the bottom of this bar and you will find WP ADMIN. Click on this and it will take you to another page. Also note on the main page you can see all my share tabs for viewers to use.

Slide 03

This time you will find yourself on your DASHBOARD – Behind the scenes of your website where only you and those you give permission to can visit. Once you get to this page, you can do all the different things you wish to show on your website. Trial and error is part of the learning curve.

Slide 04

Click on SETTINGS  and a new small black box will appear.

Slide 05

This time we want SHARING so we can sort out the tab we wish to make available to our visitors.

Slide 06

The next three slides show you what is available to use and how to move the tabs so they show up where you wish them too.  Drag and drop, choose the style and choose where you wish them to show

Slide 07Slide 08


Slide 09



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  2. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Spent hours, Days, WEEKS composing a GREAT post, but no-one shares it?
    The lack of a reblog and/or share buttons might be the problem…

  3. Good post! Sharing it!

  4. Fandango says:

    I don’t have a “WP Admin” link on my Site Page.

  5. horrorbloke says:

    Sorry Claire,
    I’ve looked everywhere and there’s no sharing option in my settings menu.

  6. PaulAndruss says:

    This is a very welcome post as I have been going round in circles with this for some time. Do you mind If I can pick your brains?
    By the looks of your site in the slides you look Self-hosted. But I take it you are not. (You might be WordPress.COM & NOT WordPress.ORG. I am self hosted (I think WordPress.org) & the lack of reblog is driving me nuts! From what I can find out (and really is like pulling teeth) I do not have the reblog option because I am self hosted.
    I have followed you all the way down to the last slide. BUT where you have WORDPRESS.COM REBLOG BUTTON & COMMENT LIKES ARE. I only have 1 Prompt: DISABLE CCS AND JS.
    I only use the site for a blog… nothing fancy. I am hosted by Blue Host. I am thinking of moving to a Worpress.com paid plan instead to give me the additional reblog functionality (as I am paying now). What do you think?
    And Please keep it to idiotspeak and it is the only language I am conversant in!!!!
    Thanks for your time and any tips. Best Paul

    • Hi Paul. I have just spoken to another Author about self-hosted on Blue Host and apparently she did have the reblog. Anyway we went searching…to no avail. I wonder since you have your free WP still if you can turn it on there and perhaps it may appear of the self hosted one as well. I have a premium account with WP 🙂 so like you say WP hosts my website. Your site is .COM from what I can see…on your self hosted website.

    • Sorry i pressed send before i had finished… See if you can get the reblog button to work on your free WP website and we’ll go from there…

      • PaulAndruss says:

        Dear Claire, Thank you for the reply. Please do not think I am ignoring you. I am slowly working through your suggestion to see what I can discover.and I will let you know who I get on. I really am A duffer with this!!! But your reply was great and very generous of you to answer in such depth. Thanks Paul

      • You are welcome Paul. Happy to help 🙂

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    Check out this helpful post from the Plaisted Publishing House blog with instructions on how to find and set up share tabs on WordPress

  8. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been blessed with some great bloggers that read and share my work. I’ve also read blogs that I would have liked to share but could not locate the reblog.

    • If you can’t find the reblog…I remember it disappearing for a while a few months ago…us PRESS THIS…It’s not as good, though still shares in it’s own way 🙂

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  10. Chuck says:

    When I go to my setup and share page on WordPress I do not have the option of the reblog button. There is a Like button that I have marked but no reblog option. Why would that be? I remember when the to reblog disappeared a few months ago. I use Bluehost and now have a premium site. It is connected with WordPress, but I assume my WordPress is a free site. Really don’t understand how this all works. Since my domain is with Bluehost does that mean I am not self-hosted? Would that make a difference why I can’t use the reblog option?

    • Presuming you set up your own free website on wordpress originally…You may need to go back to that and see if there is a Reblog tab available there. If so…turn it on as the post shows. Hopefully this will turn it on with your host. Yes technically you are still self-hosting. I know one author who had Blue Host and Reblog…You are the second to say the tab isn’t there. If no joy on the free site you may need to email the Happiness Engineers at WordPress or same, similar at Blue Host.

      The only other thing I can think of is wondering if the template you use actually has Reblog…I’m going to look into this and try and find out. Meanwhile, good luck.

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