WordPress Reblog Glitch?

Image shows a young woman on a fuzzy screen...the screen is glitching... I'm not sure how many have noticed or become irritated due to the REBLOG button not working. Well thanks to Chris Graham mentioning something to him when I messaged him about having to continually follow his blog, it all sort of fell into … Continue reading WordPress Reblog Glitch?

10 Best Website Builder by Robert Mening

Best Website Builders Website Developer & Designer.  Last update: October 9th, 2018. Until now, I had never used a website builder before… Having developed websites for a while, I’d rather dive straight into coding HTML, CSS and PHP. And avoid those drag-and-drop functions that website builders have. I was pretty sceptical. However, I was positively surprised by the ease-of-use and customization options that some of … Continue reading 10 Best Website Builder by Robert Mening