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James Quinn Overall Winner

James Quinn Overall Winner

Thriller Author and Overall Winner of #Awethors Book Cover Wars.

Awethors Thrillers Winner and Overall WinnerWhat inspired your Book Cover?

The original cover of A Game For Assassins was very different.  I was a self published author at first and I basically made do with what I thought was right and whatever I could get hold of.

When I was signed to my current publisher (Creativia) we worked in bringing the book up to scratch in terms of formatting/editing, etc, etc.  An important part of this was recognising that the cover (the first thing the buyer sees) should also be spruced up and should be eye-catching.

The publisher felt that they needed a better image to portray the era of theA GAME FOR ASSASSINS COMPLETE (1) Cold War and that the book was a hard edged thriller.  I was sent three basic images to look over.

The first two looked more at home as either a ‘Cops and Robbers’ b
ook and the other one was so vague that it didn’t really reflect what we were trying to say.

But the third image had a starkness and mystery to it that just caught the eye, without a doubt.  As much as I loved it there was still something missing from it…….something that needed adding.  I mentioned that I liked the idea of a rifle scope aligned on the head of the man walking in the picture, so as to reflect that this book was grounded in the world of political assassination.  A day later the publisher and his team came back to me with an image that eventually made it onto the front cover of AGFA.  And it looks great!!

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