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Book Cover Wars – Winner of Horror Genre

Book Cover Wars – Winner of Horror Genre

You want to read a fantastic Horror Novel.  Look at this Book Cover and discover the blurb by Suzi Albracht


death most from googleWhat inspired your Book Cover?

My books all deal with powerful emotions – fear, terror, death, desperation, helplessness, failure to protect those you love, extreme control.   So for each of my books, I chose a single, compelling image. Usually, for me, that image evokes one emotion. But in this case, I had a different goal. I wanted that image to evoke a different emotion for whoever sees it. One viewer will see fear in that eye, another might see desperation, another viewer might see helplessness and for some, that eye will show evil control. But ultimately, I wanted it to grab the viewers attention and not let go.

Who is your Designer and where did you find them?

I am a person who is very confident of what I want. I did contract with someone to create a cover for me at one time, not for this book. I felt very constrained by limitations. Then, as it turned out, the cover did not translate well on small screens, something the artist should have known and told me. Luckily for me, I have an artistic eye and capabilities in manipulating images right along with a determination to get things right no matter how much time it takes. Plus I have the guts to go out there and just choose to do things. So now I design all my own covers, tweet photos, facebook photos, website, book trailers, etc.

How did you decide they were the one you wanted?

Well, I’ve worked with me many times on many projects. I trust me and know I will do I good job.

Are images used chosen by you or your artist?Suzi_Albracht

I choose all my images. I would also like to say that I feel font choice is just as important as the image. Fonts on a cover can change the emotions evoked.

How much say did you have in your cover?

Well, myself and I do a lot of back and forth in terms of questioning whether I am satisfied or not, or whether I am demanding too much perfection but eventually, I always get my way and it is always perfect.

Where do you get your images from?

I almost always get them from depositphotos.com.  I love that site. It does take time and many searches to get just the right image but it is worth it. Often times, they have other images that come close but if I keep searching, the RIGHT one will eventually pop up.

How would you recommend them to others?

Absolutely. I can’t praise them enough.

Where can we contact your Cover Designer?

You can contact me by Facebook, Twitter or email.




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