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Cover Wars with C K Dawn

Cover Wars with C K Dawn


Book Cover Wars continued…Winner C K Dawn

nw_pre_2560x1600What inspired your Book Cover?

My character Abbey Thorne and her dark journey was my inspiration. I wanted an image that not only portrayed her youth, but also kept her mysterious and ‘Cloaked’ (haha) if you will. Also the hand holding the moon in the sky could have different meanings. Is it a hunter creating an orb? Is it a Nevra-His from the Netherworld that implies he holds dominion over the power of the moon and the creation of fractures into our world? Or is it a character from the legends of Camelot that I haven’t even introduced yet?..stay tuned

Who is your Designer and where did you find them?

Holt Graphic Design has done both covers for my Netherwalker Series ~ Cloak of Shadows and A Neophyte’s Tale, and shes a dear friend of mine. 

How did you decide they were the one you wanted?

Budget was a big part of it and the opportunity to cross promote a friend in this Indie journey was a big bonus.

Are images used chosen by you or your artist?Coffee bio pic

I chose the images, told Holt what my idea was, and she worked her magic.

How much say did you have in your cover?

I had complete say on the cover. One of the many perks of being Indie.

Where do you get your images from?

Shutterstock mostly.

How would you recommend them to others?

I highly recommend Holt.

Where can we contact your Cover Designer?

Website:  http://holthaleywalker.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/holtgraphicdesign/?fref=ts


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