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Celebrating 30,000 Views

Must be a happy moment. I’m nearly at 30k views and after nearly two years off due to life. I’m back and building my following, putting out posts which I hope you enjoy, including those I share.

The SCAM Publishers post written by Victoria Strauss from Writers Beware seems to be one of the best I’ve shared in a while. I thank you all for your comments and I’m glad it helps. Victoria’s article is great, as are so many others I find and I also hope you enjoy the ones I write as well.

My favourite this year is the one about Which English you use and who your Readers are, especially for those who want reviews. After all, you don’t want an American Reader to say you have spelling errors through your work when you’ve written in British English…Do you? I know I don’t

At the moment we are also celebrating five years of Awethors and our Awethology which we published in October 2015. About 54 Authors participated with two books of about 600 pages each. A lot of work and joy and the eBooks are still available FREE on Amazon.

Anyway, I’m wondering how to celebrate when I do hit 30k views…It could happen today or tomorrow. What should I do? Ideas are more than welcome in comments.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.

Introducing Cac the Proofreader and her WORD WAR

I’d like to welcome Cathy Stiner to my blog with her WORD WAR. Cathy is a proofreader and has her own business called Hawk Eyes Proofreading. I will be blogging Cathy’s WORD WAR items every week and they will go out on a Monday. What I liked most about Cathy’s posts are the simple and quick explanations she uses. I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts. Remember, they will be here each Monday. Meanwhile, you can find her contact details at the end of this post if you wish to connect with her.

Cac The Proofreader here, with Hawk Eyes Proofreading!

This marks the beginning of my WORD WAR column. Each week (sometimes twice) I will put up common mistakes I consistently run across while proofreading your projects and thought maybe you would like to head them off before they make it into someone else’s hands…or eyes! After all, the more corrections we proofreaders make, the longer it takes us, and the more dollars it costs you, the author. That is NOT our goal! Our goal (or at least mine!) is to make you look good…NO…make you look GREAT! This one is quite simple: ACCEPT vs. EXCEPT. 
ACCEPT is to receive something {perhaps a gift} or regard it as proper {accept the idea}. Example: I accept the fact that I am a big word nerd.

EXCEPT something is to exclude it or leave it out. Example: I like them all except that one.

If you have a question about what I’m posting, please don’t hesitate to contact me. OR…if you have a WORD WAR of your own you’d like me to address, simply email me and I will add it to my rapidly growing list.
I’m Cac The Proofreader, and I’m at: cac@hawkeyesproofreading.com. The web address is: hawkeyesproofreading.com 833.I.PROOF.U/833.477.6638. The Hawk Eyes Proofreading Facebook page is in the process of being rebuilt. In the meantime, you can go to my personal page: Cathy Bozof Stiner.

There are many more WORD WARS contained there as well as a look-see as to who I am and what I’m all about.

WordPress Reblog Glitch?

Image shows a young woman on a fuzzy screen…the screen is glitching…

Photo by Darksouls1 from Pixabay

I’m not sure how many have noticed or become irritated due to the REBLOG button not working. Well thanks to Chris Graham mentioning something to him when I messaged him about having to continually follow his blog, it all sort of fell into place.

Then a client mentioned to me the tonight that she couldn’t reblog. Now this time it is a bit different because Patty uses a Screen Reader and I wasn’t sure if my idea would work… IT DID…YAY

If you wish to share via REBLOG and the REBLOG button is there, but not working…this is what you need to do.


Meanwhile, we all hope that WORDPRESS will sort this irritating glitch out.

CoPromote and now Creator Collabs

I did some googling to find out what was happening and I found posts from ex employees who’ve not been paid, that the owner/director/operator runs when someone is trying to serve them papers…and the list goes on. All you need to do is google CoPromote.  I did try with Creator Collabs…but nothing came up other than there website which…is defunct.

I personally wish I knew what happened to CoPromote.  There was never an explanation as to why they closed down…all I remember was some kind of internet issues. I am glad I used a FREE Account. I doubt those who paid ever saw their money again.

CoPromote was a great loss. It was a great idea and worked really well. I had a massive following at one stage and then bam…They were gone.  Like all small businesses who wish to market we go looking for other websites which do similar things.  I did try one and got told off for posting to quickly…or was that to often.  I never went back.  I decided they weren’t worth the time.

Then I found Creator Collabs.  Opening the site it looked nearly exactly the same as CoPromote. They were back and under a new name…at first I found this weird. I worked out it was the same company, however once joined up, you had to start from scratch again. This was off-putting so even though I used the site…I didn’t use it much, I wasn’t sure about trusting this site. I found Creator Collabs at the end of 2017 then in November they had a hitch which sounded very similar to what happened to CoPromote.  However, they did get back online again.  Then a found a post on Facebook from a friend asking is anyone used the site.  We had a chat in messages.

It seems another hitch has arisen. This friend messaged them and got a reply saying they’d be back online soon.  Then nothing. Messaged again…NOTHING... We spoke and I sent a message on TWITTER….Nope, no reply.  This was earlier this year.


If or when this site come back online….I sure as hell won’t be using it. I don’t trust anyone who can’t give me a reply or who can’t explain what’s going on.