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Update from Draft to Digital Print!

Update from Draft to Digital Print!

Supply Chain Delays May Impact D2D Print

As a user of our D2D Print service, we wanted to inform you of the potential for delays for print on demand services that may arise in the coming months.

Our print partner has informed us that they are preparing for disruptions to various aspects of the print industry, including labor and supply shortages, as well as transportation issues.

Manufacturing supply shortages and labor shortages for the transport of goods are all factors that impact print on demand as an industry and these are unfortunately outside of the control of our print partner. 

Our print partner is implementing steps to reduce the impact of these shortages, such as warehousing materials and working closely with their shipping partners.

We wanted to offer a couple of recommendations to help you prepare and perhaps avoid delays with your D2D Print books: 

Order early—If you will need printed books for an event or any other reason, place your orders as early as possible to allow for enough time to fulfill the order even if supplies are delayed.

List early—If you have any current or future books you will want to be available during the holiday season, we encourage you to get them loaded into our print program so they are available for sale or as a preorder. With the rush we are anticipating in the later months of the year it is likely processing the books and getting them into  the system will take longer than usual.

While printing and shipping delays are a nuisance, we and our print partners are exploring every way possible to reduce the impact. We appreciate your patience as we work through this.

We will keep you updated on any developments.

The Draft2Digital Team


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  1. Mark Schultz says:

    Reblogged this on wordrefiner.

  2. This is not a new issue! I started the process with one of my books back in December, and it took eight months before it appeared for sale. Even then, my royalty is under $2.00 when all is said and done. Print books are a wonderful option for your readers, and as much as I admire D2D, their print partners are slow as molasses and you will be charged additional fees every time you want to make changes to the manuscript. If you go this route, be prepared for the long lag times, low royalties, and extra fees.

    • On a personal note, I don’t use D2D Print because I don’t like their formatting. It’s horrible in my opinion. (I’m pedantic with formatting) Thank you for your comment and clarity of what happened to you so far. I’m sure it’s an issue they’ll deal with as they progress.

      What are the additional fees for? and how much are they? Curious.

      • Hello Claire!
        They charge $25.00 every time you make a change to the book file. Worse yet, your book goes to the bottom of the pile at the printer as they have to reload the information all over again. D2D gives you one free change every three months and you have to purchase their “tokens” to pay for other updates. You can cram as many or as few changes in at a time – still the same charge. I use D2D because they make it so easy and it’s free. My experience with eBooks was much better, but I sell exclusively on Amazon for now.

      • If you have time and wouldn’t mind could you do a write up about this and your experiences and I’ll share it on this blog. I never knew any of this. I took books down nearly a year ago due to them messing about and that was with ebooks. I’ve honestly never really liked their formatting which is a shame considering how easy their website is to use. Have you ever tired Smashwords?

      • Thank you for the generous offer. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much more to say. I have a love/hate relationship with D2D, and don’t get me started on contacting their help desk! Also, I’m at a critical point in my current MS and can’t spare the time for anything else – I’m sure you understand.
        I have not tried Smashwords. I did look at them some time back and was not impressed. While I hate being locked in to Amazon, it’s the only real choice for me at this point in my career. In order to “go wide”, I would be giving up 60% of my income from Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for the tip, though. Best wishes! Alex

      • It seems i’ve enjoyed reading your books in the past… so keep on writing… 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    I thought that the print option was in beta testing, anyway. At least that’s what I was told.

    • I remember it being in beta testing, though I didn’t participate. I was under the assumption it was out of beta, though I’m not sure. I heard quite a few complaints while it was in beta though.

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