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Vanity Radio Interview Scam…

Vanity Radio Interview Scam…

I had an email yesterday from an author asking about a radio interview with Kate Delaney and Emmy Award Winner form America Tonight. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of these type of interviews before so being me, I went on a research trip to look into it. I was drawing blanks from google until I typed in Kate’s name and radio interview scam, then I found something. Of course it is from the wonder ‘WRITERS BEWARE’ site and written by ‘VICTORIA STRAUSS.’

If you are offered an Interview for Kate Delaney, Ric Bratton or Al Cole, (there are probably others too) then you NEED TO READ VICTORIA’s research which you can find HERE.

Be Careful out there.


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  1. jowensauthor says:

    That’s a new one. I’ve never heard of this type of scam before. I do love the Writer Beware site. It’s so helpful. I got a suspicious email yesterday, from a “Michael” (no last name) who claimed to be from West Literary Agency. The whole email sounded a little suspicious, especially considering the bad grammar in it (someone who works for a literary agency should use good grammar, right?) and lack of a last name. A quick Google search brought up a Writer Beware post about it, confirming my suspicions.

    • Writers Beware are awesome. It was only due to commenting on a post on Facebook that I got the emails and researched… Blown away that this is even a Scam… Like you, I’d never heard of it before. I always go by…If they want all the money up front… then beware… It is nearly always a Scam. 🙁

  2. Nice blog

  3. Kate says:

    This company took advantage of my mother, an author who is suffering from dementia. She was also taken advantage of by a number of print vanity publishing companies for Multiple thousands of dollars each month. Elder abuse like this is rampant.

  4. I am being approached by Bookmark alliance to be interviewed on CBS radio. They want $2,500 to split costs? Sound like a scam!

  5. Felicia Agnew says:

    Yes,I’m a victim also.I signed the agreement in October2021,Same price 1500.This was through Booktrails Agency another Philippines rip off scam company.plus I did a book agreement with Booktrails in February 2022,for 2000.These thugs”Lie faster than a dog can lick a plate.”When u catch on they go Ghost! Like they never knew u.imma report them too every criminal organization there is. Plus Author House & Xlibris is another rip off Vanity company. They got me too. They gatta be brought to justice, They are destroying people lives daily. Each one of them should be charged under RICO Laws. I’m done! imma keep going till all of the are ran outta business. Class action is good but these Buzzards need too be shut down immediately. We as Author’s gatta get the FBI involved. write up compliants against them. most of them are here on visa& green cards. And they have the nerve too come into our country and steal from hard working citizens.

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