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Month: June 2016

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Building a platform as an Indie Author or Indie Business takes time.  It is time we need to use wisely, with the best of our knowledge while we grow.  I know I have learnt alot over the last two years, though Marketing is still a weak spot for me. First you need to invite your…
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It’s Alive…

Yep I now have my own YOUTUBE Channel.  You can find it right here. Plaisted Publishing House on YouTube You will find my business video trailer along with various book trailers.  If you subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I will subscribe back.  If you have any Book Trailer Videos please let me know.  I’d love…
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Does Writing Fit Me?

Going back to my childhood I remember I was about twelve years old when I discovered reading as a delight, rather than a necessary evil – typical kid. I devoured ‘The Famous Five,’ and all the books by Enid Blyton. I loved to read ‘Biggles and Worrals,’ flying adventures by Captain W E Johns. However…
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Debut Author Event

J C Christian is our latest client and will be releasing her book ‘Reaching for the Light – An Incest Survivor’s Story,’ on the 4th July 2016.  Yes Independance day! A new beginning! FREEDOM!!  Remember ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE.’ On the 9th July 2016, J C Christian and hostess Kayleigh Broughton will be holding an…
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From Author to Indie Publishing Company

A short  blog on my business. Some of the questions I am continually asked is – How & Why did you become a Publisher? Why didn’t you stick it out as an Author. (I am still an Author.) I have no idea who knows what rules on Amazon and other similar websites, so the first…
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What is Grammar

Grammar – I have noted many different authors and readers see Grammar as something different.  Is it spelling errors, comma type errors or using the incorrect word – like being or been.  These two I was for ever mixing up and I probably still do Now my main issue with Grammar is about the country…
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Sponsorship Winner 2016

Plaisted Publishing House, Limelight Literature and Fantasia Covers  are pleased to annouce our Sponsorship winner for 2016 A big hand for… Our Runner up is Bill Van Oosten who will recieve a Formatting package. Thank you all for voting and for those who participated.

Authors beware: A new danger for KU authors

AUTHORS You all need to know about this! Please be careful.

Regency Mystery Romance is with my Editors

“The Mystery at Crosswic Manor is nearly ready for formatting 🙂

To DRM or not to DRM

DRM (Digital Rights Management) was introduced to help stop piracy and people sharing files through internet file sharing websites.  It means when you buy an eBook you can only view on certain eReaders, you can’t share the file with friends, instead you are meant to tell them to buy a copy of their own, therefore…
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